Now is the time to join the Aranykor Voluntary Pension Fund – we have gifts for you! Everyone who files their entry statement in any UniCredit branch

  • immediately receives a 4 Gb pen drive, and
  • a voucher worth HUF 4,000 as well, if the amount of the monthly payment undertaken is at least HUF 6,0001.

Why should you choose the voluntary pension fund?

  • you may receive an annual tax refund of up to HUF 150,000;
  • its return is free of interest tax and healthcare contribution;
  • it is heritable;
  • after 3 years, you may apply for a members’ loan, which can help you bridge temporary difficulties;
  • voluntary pension fund savings can also be financed from cafeteria benefits, if your employer provides such an opportunity.

Certain services offered by Aranykor Voluntary Pension Fund are available to anyone interested, as well as for members of the fund, at UniCredit branches. This way, in addition to banking matters, you can comfortably manage matters related to the pension fund as well.


Which matters related to the pension fund can you manage in our branches in person?

  • Joining or switching to the Aranykor Voluntary Pension Fund,
  • payment of fund savings,
  • personal identification and screening,
  • filing forms related to the pension fund.

With its 110,000 members and managed assets worth HUF 120 billion, the Superbrand award-winning Aranykor Voluntary Pension Fund is probably one of the largest voluntary pension funds, which provides its services for savers using its 21 years of professional experience.

Learn more about the Aranykor Voluntary Pension Fund, pension fund savings, and try the Aranykor Voluntary Pension Fund’s savings-calculator. For more information, click here, or ask one of the advisors in our branches.

The detailed terms of Aranykor Voluntary Pension Fund savings and the rules of access are described in the constitution of the pension fund, which can be found on the website. The Aranykor Voluntary Pension Fund is a strategic cooperative partner of UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.


1. Aranykor Voluntary Pension Fund provides the 4,000 HUF voucher for every new member joining or switching to our fund who files their entry statement between 13 October and 31 December 2016 in any UniCredit branch, if the amount of monthly payment they undertake is at least HUF 6,000, the type of payment they chose is transfer order of direct debit, and the Aranykor Voluntary Pension Fund has received the first two monthly payments.


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