‘Közös Érték’ account package


‘Közös Érték’ account package has been evolved for demands of foundations, social and other organisations, condominia and housing co-operatives in order to offer the most appropriate service for our clients. Our comprehensive HUF account package allows a time – and cost-saving banking administration. Our financial solutions aim for the Bank to be a cooperative partner in the everyday life of SMEs.

Free of charge electronic service

The issuer fee and membership fee in the first year for 1 MasterCard® Business bankcard are free of charge

Low fees tailored for activities of our partner
What kind of businesses is the ’Közös Érték’ account package for?
What is ’Közös Érték’ account package providing for?
What else might you need to manage your finances?

This information is not comprehensive and does not qualify as a contractual offer. Further detailed terms can be found in the individual contracts, currently valid “List of conditions of small business HUF account packages – for small business clients (Doktorok and Közös Érték)” and other concerning lists of conditions, “General Terms and Conditions” and “Business Conditions for Corporate and Municipality Customers” of the Bank. The bank reserves the right to change the conditions unilaterally.

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