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Use our Condominium loan to refurbish and modernise your Condominium
, whether involving reconstructing of the facade of your building, upgrading your heating system or replacing your doors and windows. With a state interest subsidy, our proposal contains favourable terms and conditions for your reconstruction plans. In addition, by using housing savings, you are also eligible for further state subsidy.

There is always something to be restored, repaired or improved in a condominium. There are some predictable expenses, but repairs of the roof, the lift or the heating system always cause immediate expenses. However, you might be able to turn that into an advantage: if you need to do something, you should choose a truly good solution. Condominia and housing associations may apply for Condominium loans for reconstruction and modernisation activities,

  • to be used as an investment loan, combined with Fundamenta-Lakáskassza housing savings contracts of the condominium (Combined or Mixed loans),
  • to be used as an investment loan, combined with Fundamenta-Lakáskassza housing savings contracts of the condominium and/or owner individuals (for a Group loan).

What can you do with a Condominium loan?

Our loans are designed for the refurbishment and modernisation of building components jointly owned by condominia/housing co-operatives, including the following:

  • refurbishment of the external facade, roof or staircase;
  • refurbishment and lining of chimneys on the roof;
  • installation of central heating, upgrading the heating system;
  • refurbishment of cables and pipes: water, electricity, gas and sewage;
  • replacement or modernisation of doors and windows
  • refurbishment of the fencing, staircase, lift or shared storage facilities;
  • refurbishment of utilities;
  • replacement of individual heating units by the community;
  • refurbishment and installation of an entry phone system.
What do Condominium loans offer you?

UniCredit Condominium loan can be applied for any refurbishment and improvement work in condomina and housing co-operatives.

For a Combined loan

  • the condominium or housing co-operative may conclude one preliminary savings contract for housing purposes;
  • the bank loan may be requested immediately after savings for one month have been certified;
  • For a Combined loan, the loan amount can be 90% of the contracted amount stated in the contract for preliminary housing savings.

For a Group loan

  • the loan, combined with a Fundamenta-Lakáskassza housing-savings contract concluded by the condominium and owner individuals is available in HUF and EUR, with a market interest rate, or in HUF, with state interest subsidy (the interest subsidy is subject to special conditions).

Please contact our branch staff or call us for further information.

You should choose the UniCredit Bank Condominium loan because
  • you do not need to provide any tangible collateral, only establish a pledge on your housing savings for the bank;
  • you will be entitled to state subsidy up to 30% (with fixed upper limit) based on the housing savings deposits, pursuant to Act CXIII of 1996 for contracts concluded by natural persons and condominia, which will reduce the actual costs of your loan;
  • state subsidy is available in 70% of the interest for the first 5 years of the term and 35% of the interest in the second 5 years of the term of the HUF loan providing that the reconstruction fund generated by the condominium or housing co-operative complies with the requirements of Government Decree No. 12/2001 (I.31.) on state subsidy for housing purposes, i.e., the loan is available at a very favourable interest rate.

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What else might you need to manage the finances of your condominium?

Are you looking for an account package that is designed for the needs of a condominium?

Our Condominium account package is available with numerous services. Click here for more information!

Can the residents also refurbish their homes?

Would you like new tiles or to install the Internet in your home? Would you like to use renewable energy sources to heat your home? The residents of your condominium can do all that with a Refurbishment loan! They can use the loan to finance many other refurbishment and modernisation projects.  An account kept by UniCredit Bank and property insurance for the real estate serving as collateral, encumbered with a pledge for our bank are the disbursement conditions of the loan. UniCredit Bank has joined the Code of Conduct and is bound by its provisions.

This information is not comprehensive and does not qualify as a contractual offer.
Further detailed terms can be found in the above lists of conditions and in the General Business Terms.

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