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We wish to give you a general overview of the developments and modifications that we plan to implement in the course of 2019 due to changes in the applicable legal regulations.  We are certain that these improvements will make your bank transactions easier, faster and safer.



From September on, the application of the provisions of the new EU Directive on payment services (2015/2366/EU, PSD2) concerning strong customer authentication and secure communication will become compulsory. This regulation allows for the development of new, innovative services and facilitates the entry of new service providers to the financial market.

  • As far as our clients are concerned, one of the key elements is that the so-called Account Information Service Providers and Payment Initiation Service Providers may access – but solely with the explicit consent of the account holder – the account details stored in the banks’ systems, or may even initiate payment from the accounts managed by the bank.
  • Another element of the change, which directly affects our clients, is the introduction of the two-factor authentication (the so-called strong customer authentication) in our electronic channels, which will further enhance the safety of the bank transactions.
  • Due to this latter change, those clients who currently approve their online payment transactions using a physical token will need to replace this device. Mobile Tokens offer an even simpler solution than physical tokens, and this function is available via the UniCredit Mobile application. With the mToken it is very easy to generate a code for logging onto the internet bank and also for signing an order. For further details please see.
  • In order to comply with the requirements of strong customer authentication, the process of bankcard transactions will also change.


In the near future, we shall contact you in a personalised message about the actual changes depending on the interface and the financial services and authentication that you use at our bank.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service or visit any of our branches, where they will be glad to be of assistance.


Sincerely yours:

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.


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Changes in Debit- and Credit card services


UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. unilaterally modifies the authentication process for online purchases initiated by debit and credit cards with effect from 09.12.2020 in order to meet the requirement of "strong customer authentication" under the new European Union Payments Directive (PSD2).

As a result of this change, you will need to enter the Internet Security Code and the Telephone Bank PIN consecutively to authenticate an Internet purchase transaction.

Introduction of the variable one-time code (Internet Security Code) and the static code (Telephone Bank PIN) the fraud rate will further decrease in case of online purchases according to the regulators’ intention.


How will the authentication of an online purchase process change?

If you are using your corporate debit or credit bankcard in a webshop which supports the strong customer authentication, then during these purchases, -in accordance with the Payments Directive-, after entering the Internet security code received by SMS as the one-time code, you must also enter your PIN for the telephone banking service [UniCredit Telephone Bank] as a static code in order for your purchase to be successful.

Taking into account that to complete a successful transaction, you must enter both codes (internet security code and Telephone Bank PIN) consecutively; without knowing your PIN code in Telephone Bank, you will not be able to initiate a transaction with merchants that require you to authenticate the transaction on their site.

For further information about the Internet Security Code service and details on the authentication process, please visit

If you have blocked your Telephone Bank service due to failed authentication process by giving wrong Telephone Bank PIN code (static code), then you have also blocked your Internet Security Code service, so you cannot initiate further online purchase transaction until unblocking of the access right, which you can initiate on +36 (1/20/30/70) 325 3200 at any time.

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