Széchenyi Card overdraft facility


A Széchenyi Card, i.e. a Széchenyi overdraft, may be requested by any micro, small and medium-sized enterprise1 that

  • has at least one complete and closed year (if the requested loan is higher than HUF 25 million, then at least two closed years),
  • has no overdue public debts,
  • and complies with the requirements of the Business Regulations on Széchenyi Card Program.

Why is a Széchenyi Card advantageous for your business?

The Széchenyi Card is

  • an overdraft facility combined with a debit card;
  • has a favourable interest rate, owing to the state interest subsidy;
  • is available with fast and simplified credit approval;
  • flexible, as you can use the loan freely for whatever business need you have;
  • with your bank card you can access your facility immediately to withdraw cash or make a payment.

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What are the main features of the Széchenyi Card?
  • Depending on the bank’s credit approval, the overdraft can be up to HUF 50 million.
  • The facility amount will be the same for a year but after the review it may be extended for a further year without a new contract.
  • The loan may be used and repaid automatically, as well as the interest is paid automatically by debiting or crediting the respective amounts on the bank account, so no specific order is required.
  • No asset collateral2 or business plan is required to apply the loan.
How can you apply for a Széchenyi Card?

Please contact our staff at the UniCredit branches for personal credit advice. Our advisors will inform you on the Széchenyi Card and its conditions. You can apply for the loan at the registration office of KA-VOSZ Zrt.. Once the application forms have been completed and the required documents have been submitted, the registration office will forward your loan application to UniCredit. If the credit approval process is completed with a positive result, our bank will enter into the credit facility agreement with you and make the approved facility available.

What else might you need to manage the finances of your business?

Are you looking for an account package for your business?

If you open a new HUF current account for the products of the Széchenyi Card Program, we shall waive

  • the account opening fee and
  • the monthly fee for the first 3 months.

Select the account package that best matches the needs of your business!

Electronic channels

Free disposal over your bank account using any of the following electronic channels: Phone Banking or Internet Banking. Further details

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This information does not constitute a contractual offer.
The detailed conditions are included in the Bank's currently effective 'List of Conditions of the Széchenyi Program for Small Business Clients’. The other terms are specified in the individual contracts and in the Bank's General Terms of Business. The Bank reserves the right to unilaterally amend the conditions and to grant a loan based on application subject to its own approval process.


1 Sole entrepreneurs, single person companies, business associations and cooperatives, as defined in the Act on small and medium enterprises (currently Act XXXIV of 2004) can take part in the Széchenyi Card program.

2 Read the Business Regulations on the Széchenyi Card program to find out more on the collateral requirements for the loan.

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