Előremutató overdraft facility

UniCredit Bank’s Előremutató overdraft facility is a fast and flexible solution to manage any financing difficulty encountered by your enterprise. It provides a HUF or an EUR credit line for a one year commitment period, which can be prolonged two times with additional one-year periods (upon your request, based on the Bank’s approval). It can be used freely and is topped up automatically. The amount of credit can reach up to 20% of the annual turnover of the enterprise.


Why is Előremutató overdraft facility advantageous for your business?


No business plan is required
for the loan application.
The loan can be used freely. With your bank card you will have
immediate access to your credit line.

No asset collateral is needed for the loan, the joint and several guarantee of the private individual shareholders1 of the business is enough.

1The surety of the private individual shareholders (min. 50% vote).

Who is this overdraft facility for?
What are the main features of Előremutató overdraft facility?

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How can you apply for the Előremutató overdraft facility?
What else might you need to manage your finances?


This information does not constitute an offer. The conditions and detailed description of the use of the overdraft are described in the contract, and in the bank’s List of Conditions and Announcements. The Bank reserves the right to amend the conditions. UniCredit Bank reserves the right to decide on loan disbursement and the amount and conditions of the loan individually based on the overdraft facility application and the submitted documents.

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