’FixPont’ account package

The Bank provides the ’FixPont’ account package to new small business clients with annual sales of up to HUF 100 million. New clients are those clients, who have not held a payment account at the Bank for at least a 6-month-period of time preceding the actual account opening.

Favourable account management fee with HUF 199 Favourable electronic HUF transfer First MasterCard Business debit bankcard without issuer fee
What kind of businesses is the ’FixPont’ account package for?
What is ’FixPont’ account package providing for?
Might your business need a bank card?
Would you like to be up-to-date on the balance of your bank account?

This information is not comprehensive and does not qualify as a contractual offer. Further detailed terms can be found in the individual contracts, currently valid “List of conditions of small business HUF account packages – for small business clients (FixPont)” and other concerning lists of conditions, “General Terms and Conditions” and “Business Conditions for Corporate and Municipality Customers” of the Bank. The bank reserves the right to change the conditions unilaterally.

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