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Let’s talk about the advantages of Partnership!


As an employer, are you constantly on the lookout for opportunities to provide your employees with additional benefits? Would you like to increase your employees’ loyalty to the company? Would you like all of this free of charge and with no additional administrative burdens for your company?

The UniCredit Partner Service Package offers exactly such a solution, as it provides a wide range of financial services with a number of preferential options and on-site advice for your employees.


What does the Partner Service Package offer?

Essentially, our partner packages provide attractive services for both employers and employees:


Additional benefits to employees

Increase employee loyalty with the preferential conditions offered by UniCredit, which may represent additional benefits for your employees.

Free of charge for employers

This service is free of charge for employers and typically involves no extra administrative burdens beyond signing the agreement with the bank.

We will help you find the ideal solution

Individuals with lower as well as higher incomes, and active as well as less active account users can all find attractive options in our account packages offer, and we will make them even more attractive through customized preferential options and promotions.

Flexible service

We make sure that your employees do not need to take a day off to transact their banking business: if requested, our mobile bankers will visit the company’s head office or other locations to provide banking advice on site.

Our mobile bankers are specially trained professionals who will visit you or your employees, and provide information on our credit and account products and other financial services, taking into consideration your or your employees’ current financial needs.

We help you inform your employees

If you sign a Cooperation Agreement with us, we will help you inform your employees of the preferential options available to them.

  • We provide an online information platform available to office as well as production workers, where they can submit their requests for a new bank account or other products following registration.
  • We help you inform your employees by producing information pages for your corporate intranet as well as through printed leaflets, posters and forms.


Bank accounts with preferential conditions

  • We recommend our Partner Aktív Plusz Package to those wishing to enjoy favourable transaction tariffs and monthly account closure fees that may even be reduced to zero.
  • The Partner Ikon Plusz Package is a good choice for anyone looking for a bank account with a fixed monthly closure fee and an unlimited number of free transactions.

Customized preferential loan conditions

  • If they apply for an overdraft facility, we will grant clients who have our Partner Aktív Plusz and Partner Ikon Plusz account packages better rates of interest compared to our standard retail conditions. APR1: 22,88-24,81%.
    APR calculated without the discounted interest rate: 24,09-26,04%.
  • If the relevant conditions are met, we can offer a TOP premium active interest rate discount of as much as 1.30% on our market-rate residential mortgage loans.
    APR2 calculated with the TOP premium active interest rate discount:
    APR calculated without the discounted interest rate: 4.48- 5.62%.

Personal presence, convenient administration

As part of our Partner services, we will provide you with a mobile banker, who will

  • be available at the workplace at scheduled regular hours;
  • provide assistance in switching banks if you or your employees wish to take advantage of the preferential conditions offered by UniCredit in the future;
  •  participate in person in the preparation of loan transactions, monitor the subsequent procedures and continue to liaise with the borrower.

Intended for the long term

Even when employees resign or retire, the preferential conditions provided under the UniCredit Partner account packages will remain available to them.


Who is the package available to and what are the conditions?

The package is offered to any small, medium-sized and large company registered in Hungary that has been in operation for at least one year and employs at least 10 persons.

The preferential options included in the partner service package will be made available after your company and UniCredit Bank have signed the relevant Cooperation Agreement.

Have we caught your attention?

Our colleagues are ready to help you in order to put together the offer best matching your business needs. We recommend a personal meeting to assess these needs, as it also offers an opportunity to discuss further details of the agreement.

Our colleagues will contact you based on the data you submit and will discuss with you the details of this opportunity for cooperation. The bank will use the data only for the purposes of data reconciliation and store it only for a period of 30 days from registration.


This information is not comprehensive and shall not be construed as an offer by the bank.

The detailed terms and conditions and the detailed descriptions of bank account contracts and deposit contracts are included in the bank’s prevailing lists of conditions, its announcements and business conditions concerning the given product, which are available on our website and at our branches.

The conditions of the loan products listed above are included in UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.’s List of Conditions for Private Customers and its announcements concerning the conditions of loans extended to private individuals (“Announcement – The conditions for loans extended by UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. to private individuals”). The bank reserves the right to amend its terms and conditions. The bank shall adopt decisions on the extension of loans based on the submitted documents and its own credit assessment, in accordance with the provisions of its prevailing List of Conditions, its General Terms and Conditions, its General Business Conditions for Private Customers and its Bank Card Terms and Conditions. Our Lists of Conditions and Announcements are available both in UniCredit Bank’s branch network and on its website. 

The APR has been determined by taking into consideration the prevailing terms and conditions as well as the applicable legislation, and the rate may be modified if conditions change. For loans with variable interest rates, the APR rate does not reflect the interest rate risk of the loan.

1 The APR has been determined by taking into consideration the prevailing terms and conditions as well as the applicable legislation, and the rate may be modified if conditions change.

2 The APR has been determined based on the current terms and conditions, the applicable legislation, the interest rate adjusted with the TOP premium active discount for the entire term of the loan if the provisions of the loan agreement are complied with, and the reference interest rate in effect at the time of publishing this advertisement; the rate may change if the conditions change (if the interest rate is tied to a reference interest rate, this will include changes in the reference rate). The APR of loans with variable interest rate does not reflect the interest rate risk of the loan. The creditor is not familiar with the premium of the property insurance to be taken out for the collateral real estate, and the APR does not include such premium. In calculating the APR, the bank considered the fact that as a special offer and in relation to one particular real estate, the fee of determining the collateral value will be reimbursed after the disbursement of the loan.

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