We offer our pharmacist clients tailored financing to acquire share in a pharmacy, or to develop, your pharmacy. Our Patika loan and overdraft and account package, also designed for pharmacies, were developed by focusing on financing needs of pharmacies.


As you surely also know, the Act1 regulating the operation of pharmacies sets a requirement that, in businesses operating pharmacies, the pharmacist running the pharmacy and/or the majority of the pharmacy employees should have a majority shareholding. If a pharmacy does not comply with that requirement at present, then by 1 January 2014 the ownership proportion of the pharmacist must have exceeded 25% and by 1 January 2017 it must be higher than 50%. To fulfil that requirement, we recommend our Patika loan.


What kind of businesses is the Patika loan facility for?

Any pharmacy, operating as a registered sole trader or business partnership in Hungary, which:

  • has completed at least one full financial year;
  • is not subject to bankruptcy or liquidation procedure or winding up and there is no judicial execution procedure against it in progress;
  • is certified as having no overdue public debt;
  • is not listed in the Central Credit Information System (KHR) as having overdue debts;
  • has no non-performing loans at UniCredit Bank.


What does the Patika loan offer?

A tailored financing solution to purchase or to develop your pharmacy. Please contact our branch staff or call us for further information.

What else might you need to manage your pharmacy's finances?

The Patika account package enables you to spend less time and money on your banking.


Would you like to accept your clients' bank cards for paying?

Make paying by bank card possible for your clients through a POS terminal. With our service

  • you can save the costs of cash storage and transport,
  • reduce the risk of accepting counterfeit banknotes, and
  • giving change becomes less of a problem.

Get to know our POS service!


Are you looking for a cost-effective, simple and flexible solution for paying the daily cash or revenue into your bank account?

With our Deposit card you can deposit cash, even outside bank opening hours, through ATMs within the country, equipped with that function and operated by UniCredit. In addition, this amount is immediately credited to your bank account free of charge. You can find more information on the Deposit card here.



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This information does not constitute a contractual offer. The detailed conditions are included in the Bank's currently effective Announcement on the list of conditions regarding small enterprise loan fees and charges and in the list of conditions therein. The other terms are specified in the individual contracts and in the Bank's General Terms of Business. The Bank reserves the right to unilaterally amend the conditions and to grant a loan based on application subject to its own approval process.


1 Act XCVIII of 2006

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