Your company can obtain long-term financing fast and easily, if you apply to UniCredit Bank for a loan secured by private or commercial property mortgage. You can use it to implement your development plans or strengthen your position in the market. This mortgage loan will give you long-term financing for any purpose without limitation. All you have to do is to send all the documents needed for the loan assessment to our Bank’s representatives.



Who is a small business mortgage loan for?

Resident small business clients and sole entrepreneurs with no more than HUF 700 million in revenues p.a.,

  • certified as having no overdue public debt (NAV);
  • are and were not subject to bankruptcy or liquidation procedure or winding up over the last 2 years and there is no judicial enforcement procedure against them in progress;
  • have no matured or overdue debts in the KHR (the Central Credit Information System, in relation to active deals or deals closed within the last 2 years);
  • have no non-performing loans at the Bank currently, and did not have any for the last two years
  • comply with the Business Regulations of Garantiqa Hitelgarancia Zrt. if they request a bank guarantee.

Why is this loan advantageous for your business?

  • You can start realising your development plans right now and strengthen your market position.
  • No business plan needs to be submitted (apart from start-up companies).
  • The Bank will not check the use of the loan;
  • You can easily get long term financing.
  • You may offset loan interest payments and commissions as costs against your income

All you have to do is to submit the loan application form and the documents necessary for the loan application and pay the loan approval fee to UniCredit Bank. If our Bank decides on the basis of the documents submitted that your loan application is feasible, it will order the valuation of the property.

Please contact our branch staff or call us for the current conditions and further information.



What are the main features of the Small Business Loan?

  • Loan amount: minimum HUF 1 million, maximum HUF 50 million (for start-up enterprises maximum HUF 30 million), or the equivalent amount in EUR, but no more than 80% of the collateral value of the property securing the loan (or 65% in the case of start-up enterprises.)
  • Term: minimum 1 year, maximum 7 years (maximum 15 years if the collateral is a residential property).
  • Interest rate: 1 or 3-month BUBOR/EURIBOR+ interest margin depending on the currency of the loan and the applicant’s credit rating.
  • Interest payment; monthly; principal repayment: monthly or quarterly, in even principal repayments.
  • Commitment period: maximum 6 months
  • Grace Period: depends on the term, but may not be longer than 2 years.
  • Not only your own or your company’s property can be offered as collateral, but other private individuals and companies may also offer their property as security for the loan. The properties that may be used as security for the loan include individually marketable homes, construction plots, summer and holiday homes, commercial, logistics and manufacturing properties, and, in special cases, industrial property or land in private property, free of liens or encumbrances and in the territory of Hungary.



What else may you need to manage your finances?

Small business account packages

UniCredit Bank aims for a long-term relationship with entrepreneurs. We have designed our account packages to suit the financial goals and banking habits of companies. As your business develops, expands and your needs change, you will have the possibility to find the UniCredit Bank account package that best suits you.

Select the account package that best matches the needs of your business!



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This information does not constitute an offer. The conditions and detailed description of the use of the loan are described in the contract, and in the bank’s List of Conditions and Announcements. The Bank reserves the right to amend the conditions. UniCredit Bank reserves the right to decide on loan disbursement and on the amount and conditions of the loan individually, based on the application for the loan and on the submitted documents.

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