Account packages for small businesses


General entrepreneur account packages

Choose the account package that suits your company's needs and turnover! As your company develops, expands, and your needs change, you have the opportunity to find the most suitable UniCredit Bank account package for your business. Become a long-term partner of UniCredit!

FixPont account package Flexi Business account package
It is difficult to calculate the incomes in advance at the beginning period of the enterprise. In this period we help you by our account package with account management fee HUF 199.
Start up and already operating small businesses can apply this account package as well.
Flexi Business's account maintenance fee is adjusted to your account turnover, it doesn't matter seasonality, it doesn't matter if you transfer inside or outside the bank (in case of domestic electronic HUF transfers).
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Account packages for certain target groups

We evolved our account packages especially for taking into consideration the financial demands of given profession, housing co-operatives or non-profit organizations.

„Doktorok” account package „Közös Érték” account package  

We evolve „Doktorok” account package for clients engaged in medical services, pharmacists, notaries, lawyers and bailiffs.

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„Közös Érték” account package is appropriate for demands of condominia, housing co-operatives and non-profit organizations.

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Aktív FX account package

With the help of the fixed and favourable fees of the Aktív FX (Foreign Exchange Active) account package, you can calculate in advance the expected monthly foreign exchange transaction costs of your business.

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