Special referral offer


Happy with our services? Why not recommend our account packages to your friends and acquaintances?


What advantages would these referrals earn you?

For every successful referral, we reward our retail and small business clients with the following bonuses (offer subject to certain conditions):

If you refer

  • a new retail client (excluding Premium Banking) we’ll credit your account with HUF 10,0001;
  • a new Premium Banking client we’ll credit your account with HUF 15,0001;
  • a new small business client we’ll credit your account with HUF 20,0001;

What referrals are considered successful?

A referral is deemed successful if, during the promotion, the person you refer opens a retail account with our bank2 and applies for an associated Mastercard® debit card that gets activated by the end of the second month after the account is opened and their client status remains active4 on the last business day of the second month after the account is opened, or opens any small business account (except Exkluzív Bronz) and their client status remains active4 on the last business day of the third month after the account is opened.

Who can make a referral?

Any retail and small business client3 (except Exkluzív Bronz) meeting the conditions for active client status4 and, as a retail client, possessing a MasterCard debit card, or, as a small business client, having a debit turnover of at least HUF 5 million for every client referred during the first three months following the first day of the month after a referred account is opened.

What benefits do we offer to our new - referred - clients?

If you decide to bank with us as part of a referral during the promotional period and become a retail or small business client (this does not apply to our Exkluzív Bronz accounts), for the first six months we’ll waive the monthly fee for the first account opened (UDRI: 0.01%).

If you’re a new client happy with our services, refer us!

This way you become eligible for the reward applicable to existing clients that is presented earlier in this leaflet. The conditions listed there apply, with the provision that referrals made by new small business clients may not be subject to the terms referred to in footnote 3.

How to make a referral?

  1. Download our referral form HERE.
  2. Hand over the form signed and filled out with your and your referred party’s data to our colleagues at any UniCredit branch when opening an account.
  3. If both you, your business and your referred party or business meet the conditions of participation, then you or your business will enjoy the benefit(s) listed in the Announcement.

For further information see our advisers across our nationwide branch network.

The information is not comprehensive and participation in the promotion is subject to additional conditions listed in the Announcement and conditions of participation for UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.’s “Refer a Client” special account opening offer. Additional information on account packages and contractual terms and conditions are included in the General Terms and Conditions, the bank’s relevant business conditions, announcements, and lists of conditions. UniCredit Bank reserves the right to have the conditions of promotion amended unilaterally. As part of the promotion, one referrer client may be eligible for credit rewards after a maximum of three successful referrals.

The special client referral promotion is valid until withdrawn or until 31 March 2019 at the latest.


1 Up to three successful referrals regardless of client category. Referrals made by bank employees are subject to different conditions that are set out in the Announcement relevant to the promotion.

2 Retail accounts available within the framework of the promotion include: Ikon, Superior Gold, Tripla, Bónusz, Fix, Privát Plusz, Partner Ikon Plusz, Partner Aktív Plusz, and Partner Bónusz TOP.

3 Clients with an active small business payment account with our bank prior to 1 October 2018.

4 The client status is considered active if during the 3-month period preceding the date relevant in terms of compliance with the active client status (or, if a shorter period has elapsed from the date of account opening by the referee, during the whole months elapsed since the account opening):

  • the aggregate average of the balance of the credit account (with no overdue debt) and deposit account as well as the net asset value of the securities account of the Referrer and/or the Referee is higher than or equal to HUF 5,000 (the absolute value of the balance of the credit account shall be taken into account, therefore, the bank calculates the loan with a positive sign), or
  • the Referrer and/or the Referee had at least 1 fulfilled transaction (including credit card transactions) initiated by them.

The reference date for active client status is defined, for both referring and referred small business clients, as the last business day of the third month following the opening of the account, and, for referring and referred retail clients, the last business day of the second calendar month following the referred client’s opening of the account.

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