Information about the repayment moratorium

Dear Client,

This is to inform you that on 20 October 2020 Parliament passed the Act on extending payment moratorium. To our current knowledge, the Act will enter into force on 1 January. Our Bank has started preparations to be able to extend the moratorium for its eligible clients. Until then, we kindly ask for your patience. Thank you. As the work progresses, we will continuously update our notice below regarding the payment moratorium with important new information and issues you need to know about.

At this time, we can state that those eligible for the extension of the moratorium for the period between 1 January and 30 June 2021 are retail clients with loans also eligible for the payment moratorium* and, on or after 1 January until 30 June 2020, are:

  • parents expecting or raising a child,
  • unemployed,
  • retired,
  • public employees.

To learn whether you as our retail client are eligible for the extension of the moratorium, our bank will contact you before the end of the year, primarily electronically. We are still working on setting up the process of contacting and consulting clients, so we ask for your patience.

In the case of businesses, the Government has been authorised to determine the indicators that would be the requirements for the extension of the payment moratorium. If these indicators are met, businesses will qualify as businesses experiencing financial hardship and become eligible for the extension of the payment moratorium. We can give you accurate information on the eligibility requirements after the abovementioned indicators have been published in a government decree.

Yours faithfully,

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.

* in accordance with Act LVIII of 2020 on Transitional Rules Related to the Cessation of the State of Danger and Epidemiological Readiness


Based on the Act LVIII of 2020 on transitional rules and epidemiological preparedness related to the cessation of an emergency situation, our bank is providing an automatic payment moratorium for eligible clients for loans listed below. Thus, eligible clients are subject to postponed fulfilment on their principal, interest and fee payment obligations arising from their contracts.

What does the payment moratorium apply to?

  • The payment moratorium shall apply to loans that have already been disbursed based on contracts existing on or before 18 March 2020.
  • The period of the payment moratorium will run until 31 December 2020.
  • The moratorium covers the following types of loans: retail mortgage loans, Babaváró incentive loans, personal loans, credit card loans, overdraft facilities, employer’s loans, financial leasing contracts and loans granted to SMEs.
What do I need to do if I wish to take advantage of the payment moratorium as a private individual? What will happen after the moratorium?
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What do I need to do if, as a private individual, I wish to continue to pay the instalments of a loan combined with a Fundamenta Lakáskassza prior home savings contract?
How can I submit my declaration?
What do I need to do if I do not want to take advantage of the moratorium now, but I change my mind?
Data disclosure to the Central Credit Information System (KHR) on overdue credit transactions, changes during the period of the payment moratorium
Information for small businesses
Information for corporates

Our information about the repayment moratorium is continuously updated with the latest details and recent major developments.


Please familiarize yourself with our notice and banking advice relating to the prevention of the coronavirus!


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