Development of financial culture


As a major player in the financial sector, we consider it important to develop general financial culture and enhance financial literacy and mind-set of young generations, as well as to invest in the financial education of young people.

Our Bank's financial education initiatives are funded by the Social Impact Banking program.



In the summer of 2019, our financial education curriculum for young people debuted, created by volunteers of our bank with Bridge Bizniscool. The so-called Vlogopoly" Curriculum aims to give 9 to 13-year-olds an insight into how businesses operate and how the financial decisions are met by an entrepreneur, with the help of an example by a popular figure, the vlogger. In I, kids can learn what savings, credit and everything else they have to take into consideration when building a business consciously. The curriculum reached 24 schools in 21 Hungarian cities in 2019 and helped young people become financially more aware adults. It will subsequently be turned into a midweek course and will be available for more children nationwide.




Saját oktatási programunk mellett bankunk önkéntesei 2015-ös indulása óta vesznek részt Magyarország legnagyobb szabású pénzügyi oktató programjában, a Pénz7-en. A tematikus hét során kollégáink életszerű példákkal támogatják az általános és középiskolai tanárok munkáját.

Fintelligence Financial Educational Centre


In the autumn of 2019, we started a banking course at the Finance and Accountancy Faculty of the Budapest Business School. The lectures are held at the ‘Fintelligence’ Financial Educational Centre of the University, which was established with the sponsorship of UniCredit Bank.

This financial ‘lab’ is a part of the Fintelligence education network in Hungary and its first centre in the capital. The lab provides an ideal, state-of-the art infrastructure to university-level courses, conferences and presentations related to the subject. At the opening of the centre, Dr. Balázs Heindrich, Rector of the University stated: “As a leading university of business education, we are aware of our social responsibility. Therefore, we aim to make our faculty a centre of the development of financial culture and awareness in Hungary. Our cooperation with UniCredit contributes substantively to achieving that goal.”

The course entitled ‘B@nking that matters — the operation of a bank in practice’ is the result of the joint efforts of our bank and the Finance and Accountancy Faculty of the University. At the first lecture, Andrea Tognetti HR Manager of UniCredit Bank explained: “With this new education centre, we strengthen our ties with the University, and not only with regard to the physical implementation of the classroom. We would like to more intensively shape financial knowledge and awareness of students, to present a competitive and innovative example and to offer professional career opportunities for the future”.

The course, delivered in English, offers practical knowledge for students. The series, consisting of 11 presentations, offers students interested in finances practical insights into the operations of the bank and the work of various areas with the help of our senior managers. Topics are varied, encompassing the entire spectrum of banking operations. Our successful cooperation with the University will continue with new topics and in a new form in the forthcoming semesters, as the Fintelligence Centre has proven to be an excellent platform for targeted financial education and is the flagship of the financial education work of our bank.

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