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UniCredit Bank deems its task to satisfy its clients’ demands related to their commercial activities by tailor made solutions. Our colleagues having significant experience on the field of trade finance and transaction of documentary business besides choosing the optimal banking solutions concentrate on helping their clients by advises related to trade finance.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Trade Finance team of our Bank via e-mail on or on the +36 1 301 5131 or +36 1 301 1404 phone numbers.


Export Finance

UniCredit Bank provides several standard and tailor made export-financing structure to meet the special financing need of exporter clients as well as their suppliers and buyers related to commercial transactions.

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Structured trade finance

In a frame of this mainly short-term revolving credit facility UniCredit Bank provides a tailor made working capital financing related to specific trade transaction, which suits the operating characteristics of the client.

Receivable finance

The purchase of short-term or long term receivables with or without recourse related to foreign and domestic trade transactions.

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Soft commodity finance

UniCredit Bank provides a tailor-made structured working capital financing for agricultural producers and traders. From the harvest or purchase of the products until the settlement of the counter-value of the sold products this solution provides the necessary working capital need related to the storage, processing, transport and purchase of the products.

Hard commodity finance

UniCredit Bank provides typically short-term, structured financing solutions related to commodity products, the conditions are determined individually in line with the provisions of the commercial contract.

Letter of Credit

The Letter of Credit is an internationally accepted payment form which is always related to a commercial transaction. By the order of the buyer, the letter of credit opening Bank undertakes an irrevocable payment obligation to the seller upon presentation of credit conform documents in due time.  Besides opening letters of credit, when the letter of credit is opened by other banks in favor of the seller, UniCredit Bank provides advising and confirmation services to its clients.

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Documentary collection

The Documentary collection is an internationally accepted payment form which - in contrast with the letter of credit - doesn’t contain payment obligation of the bank. In the frame of a collection order the exporter presents documents and gives a prompt or deferred payment collection instruction to the Bank collecting the counter value of the presented documents.
The importer by accepting the collection order gives instructions to its bank to perform the payment.
UniCredit Bank transacts both export and import documentary collections.

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Bank guarantee

The bank guarantee is an additional contractual obligation that supports a contract. By issuing a bank guarantee the Bank irrevocably undertakes to pay instead of its client in favour of a third party specified by the client in case of the fulfilment of the guarantee conditions, within a given time and until a given limit amount. UniCredit Bank issues bank guarantees by order of its clients and grants the registration and authentication service of received guarantees to the benefit of its clients.

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