Classical credit products

UniCredit Bank’s classical credit products offer fast and flexible solutions for financial demands like overdraft facilities, revolving and non-revolving working capital loans as well as investment loans in forint or in foreign currencies. Further details here

Subsidised and refinanced loans

UniCredit Bank offers subsidized and refinanced, mainly long term investment loans and working capital loans with favourable interest rate in cooperation with domestic and foreign financial institutions. Further details here

Special loans

Special loans are also available at UniCredit Bank that help to finance your special short and long term financing needs. Further details here

Guarantee institutions

UniCredit Bank has a co-operation with several guarantee institutions that provide credit guarantees with favourable fees for companies in order to access finance more easily. Further details here

Municipality financing

UniCredit Bank provides a full range of classical, subsidized and refinanced loans available to municipalities, their institutions and companies’ disposal. Using our sophisticated cash management instruments (Little Treasury System) it is simple and secure to handle the cash management transactions of complex institutional and corporate structures. Further details here

Real estate

We offer tailor-made solutions in the form of project financing primarily for experienced local and international real estate developers and investors. Further details here

Construction trustee service

Our bank offers construction trustee service for companies that want to implement a construction work not subject to the Public Procurement Act but reaching or exceeding the community value limit specified in this Act. Further details here

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