Bonds & Equities

We offer access to a wide range of debt and equity securities in various markets and exchanges. For specific information please contact our specialits desks.


Corporate Treasury Sales

+36 1 301-1370


Institutional Sales

+ 36 1 428 8742

+ 36 1 428 8745

Purchase of government securities through UniCredit bank


UniCredit mortgage bonds


Other bonds

We offer a wide range of domestic and foreign corporate and financial institution bonds. For our current offers please contact our corporate or institutional sales staff. 

Equities: trading with equities, listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)  is available with the assistance of the colleagues of the Treasury’s Equity Sales desk.


Commission: brokerage commission for executing orders on the BSE is detailed in Unicredit Bank Hungary’s actual Condition List of Securities Transactions for Corporates and Municipalities.


Order types:

  • Market order  – the order is executed at the best price available on the Stock Exchange
  • Limit order – the order can be executed only at or below (in case of a buy order) or above (in case of a sell order)the given specific limit price
  • Stop-limit order - the Stop-limit order is a conditional order which only get activated and become a limit order automatically in case the pre-set activated price is reached after the order has been placed on the given trading day. The activated Stop-limit buy or sell orders can only be executed maximum or minimum at the pre-given limit price respectively.
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