Investment Funds


The subscription of investment funds promoted by Unicredit Bank Hungary is available with the assistance of the colleagues of the Treasury’s Equity Sales desk.


In accordance with the investor’s risk appetite and the desired investment horizon different types of investment funds could be preferred. Based on the funds’ asset allocation the following categories are available:


Traditional funds

  • Money market fund –liquidity / short term money market fund
  • Bond fund – short term / long term / free term bond fund
  • Mixed fund – bond over weighted (cautious) / balanced / dynamic mixed funds
  • Equity fund

Special funds

  • Commodity funds
  • Absolute return funds
  • Capital secured funds
  • Derivative funds
  • Property funds –  direct / indirect  property investment funds


The list of the investment funds promoted by Unicredit Bank Hungary and the fees relating to the subscription of certain funds are detailed in the Bank’s actual Condition List for Corporates and Municipalities.

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