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SpectraNet Internet Banking

With the help of the online SpectraNet Internet Banking service offered by UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt., you can make queries about the current balance of your bank accounts, place deposits, or initiate transfers or other transactions from anywhere in the world at any time. All transactions can be carried out safely, quickly and conveniently, either from your home or your office, not only saving time but also saving money because of the favourable conditions.

You can get detailed information about the available service, please click on the link below.

During the development of this service, we regarded security as a primary focus and thus the security of the system is guaranteed by an internationally recognized, multi-layer security system. Login to the SpectraNet Internet Banking system and the signing of orders (authentication) can take place via SMS or with the use of a Token. The electronic mailbox function allows the transfer of order packages between the installed Spectra programs and the SpectraNet Internet Banking with the purpose of ensuring the opportunity to modify or add further signatures and send them to the bank.


Further details here.

Token user manual

Spectra and Spectra Light Electronic Banking Program

Using the installed Spectra client program, you can take care of your banking needs as well as request account information via your computer in Hungarian, English, or German without having to go to your branch office. Thanks to the online system, you can watch debits and credits made to your account in real time.

The installed application provides an opportunity for the creation of an automatic data connection with the company’s accounting system, thus even a high volume of orders can be registered by data import or export. Our IT experts provide assistance in setting up the communication between the accounting system and Spectra.

Major services provided by the system:

Submitting orders:

  • HUF and FX transfers
  • Direct Debit orders
  • Postal cash payment orders
  • Batch transfers and direct debit
  • Placing and cancelling deposits

Query options:

  • Current account balance inqueries
  • account statement queries and downloads (available in certified PDF format)
  • Account history query dating back to the opening of the account
  • Exchange rates and interest conditions

Other operations:

  • Cash delivery orders
  • Announcing cash withdrawals
  • Ordering the issue of coverage confirmation or bank information
  • Calling of loans (HUF/FX)

Sending free-format letters:

  • This way, you can give orders to our bank in an unstructured format

ViCA (Virtual Chipcard Application)


ViCA (Virtual Chipcard Application) is available for UniCredit Bank clients as well. ViCA application can be used to log-in to Spectra/SpectraNet and to sign banking orders there instead of the current authentication methods (like mToken).

  • The application is available for mobile phones with Android or IOS operating system furthermore it can be installed on computers with Windows operating system
  • The ViCA application can be downloaded from the application stores (Google Play, App Store, Windows 10 Microsoft Store), but the download links are also available below
  • How to use ViCA you can find instructions below and in the Help menu within the application 

Should you have any question in relation to the above, do not hesitate to contact your relationship manager or our Call Center at (+36 1/20/30/70)  325 3200. Our colleagues are at your disposal.


Spectra Mobile Banking

Have you thought about how to manage your finances easily and comfortably? Now it is available with our SpectraNet Mobile Banking service. All you need beside the service agreement is a cell phone which has a built-in Web browser to make good use of the service.
The SpectraNet Mobil Banking allows almost all the functionality of SpectraNet Internet Banking on the web-capable mobile phones. The product uses the highest available security standards.

  • You can check the balance of your account, transfer or place deposit and initiate any other transactions.
  • You can manage comfortably the usual Internet Banking services - with the exception of the security features.
  • It provides the data connection to the Spectra installed application (Mailbox function) as well as to the SpectraNet Internet Banking to validate (subscribe) any transactions.

To use this feature the following devices, operating systems and browsers are supported:

  • Phones and Tablets with Android operating system (version 2.1 or higher)
  • IPhone, iPad (iOS 3.0 or higher)
  • Windows Mobile phones (version 6.5 or higher)
  • BlackBerry (OS 4.6 or higher)
  • Symbian - phones with S60 operating system (Nokia phones - OS9.1 or higher)
  • Phones using Opera Mobile browser (version 8.65 or higher)
  • Dolfin Mobile 2.0 (Samsung Phones)

UniCredit Telephone Banking


With the help of UniCredit Telephone Banking service you can use almost the whole range of our services every day of the week in 24 hours.

The benefits of Telephone Banking:

  • Security: queries, orders; limits on specific accounts.
  • Wide range of operations available without visiting the branch office.
  • Automatic system.
  • Favourable conditions and submission deadlines.

At UniCredit Bank a text message (SMS) service is available with credit and debit cards as well as bank accounts, even through the Spectra program or SpectraNet.

Text message (SMS) service for bank cards

  • Notifications on successful, unsuccessful or deleted purchases, cash withdrawals, card account balances or limit modifications.
  • You may select to be notified of the outstanding amount on your credit card, any payment deadlines, the minimum amount to be paid as well as any fees or interest charged on your credit card account and, in the case of any changes, the full amount of your debt to date

Text message (SMS) service with current accounts

  • Notifications on credits and debits
  • Current account balance notifications
  • Notifications on uncovered orders and batch collections

Electronic Statement

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. provides the possibility to have your bank account statements in an electronically signed (authenticated) PDF format.

The electronic statement of UniCredit is:

  • Quick – no need to wait days for mailing, you can download and check your electronic bank account statement from 10 am at the next business day following the statement date
  • Safe – the electronic bank account statement cannot be accessed by any unauthorized person
  • Simple and easy to store – you can access and download your electronic bank statement through our Internet Banking (or the installed Spectra application) thus no storage capacity is needed in your office, moreover it cannot be mixed with invoices or other documents
  • Official – the secure digital signature and timestamp issued by a qualified service provider ensures that the electronic statement is considered as an accounting document according to the Act C. of 2000 on Accounting.
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