Dear Customer,

Please be informed that fraudsters – falsely using the names of our colleagues or our bank – might try to get your personal, banking, or account details, internet bank login credentials, so they can access your account and savings. In the brief below, we offer our help in recognizing and preventing phishing tactics.

Please read the brief and be vigilant!

One phishing tactic is to send and email, in which they ask you to visit a fake banking website made and operated by the hacker, where typing in your credentials (card information, passwords, etc.) allows them to steal them. These emails frequently have small mistakes in them, such as bad grammar, bad spelling, an urgent, or an overly helpful tone.

Phishing happens not only via email, but also via phone. They might ask you to install an app which allows them to remotely access your computer, smartphone, or other device. During a phone call a fraudster might try to impersonate a bank employee and ask you to “confirm” or just give your details to them. They often do not identify the bank they are allegedly calling from, or whose customer they are looking for.

Fraudsters may ask you to install a fake banking app on the phone, or in SMS. These apps may contain malware that poses a threat to your personal data or banking credentials and use the stolen data to cause you great financial harm.

Very important: UniCredit Bank does not ask for confidential information, passwords, login credentials, entry codes, or the installation of any application, and does not send links for such either through email, on the phone, or in SMS!

If you receive a phone call, email, or SMS that is in any way similar to what is described above, be vigilant, and under no circumstances give out your information! Do not answer a phishing email or SMS in any way, shape, or form, do not click on links embedded in them, and do not give anyone else’s identifying or otherwise confidential information.  Only install UniCredit Bank’s mobile app from an official source, either from Appstore or from Google Play. The Bank does not send links for the mobile app’s download or installation.

Please, always log into our Internet Baking system solely through UniCredit Bank’s website at: It is very important never to start the Internet Banking service through any link from emails or SMS messages, and not to download any mobile banking apps.

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