Dear Customer,

We would like to call your attention that recently there have been some corona virus related attempted phishing attacks in the whole world, including Hungary.

The attackers extort the personal and banking data (banking ID, PIN code, bank account numbers or credit card number) of the customers via email, SMS or on the phone, or several others ways like:

  • for health data reconciliation
  • with fake website selling mask, test, medicine,
  • disclosure of  information, with information websites about the virus
  • referring to donations

The fraud letters are often sent in the name of real (e.g.: WHO) or fake health institution, organizations.

Giving your data, be the reply to the attacking email or via the fake website, means an extraordinary risk, therefore, we must be very cautious and careful. With the help of the extorted data the attackers can steal money from the bank account by credit card payment sor transactions.

In case of e-mail:

  • We recommend to always check the sender of the letters.
  • If the letter has an attachment, ne do not open these as they might contain spyware or can install ransomware on your computer.
  • If the letter contains a link, check where it leads, do not click on it without checking.
  • Pay attention to the language of the letter: ha if it is difficult to understand or if it contains spelling mistakes, any kind of threat or urging, it can give rise to suspicion.


Please delete the suspicious email immediately.

In case of websites:

  • Always check the operator and the level of security.
  • In case of banking always type in the address of the website manually
  • Look at the address of the website carefully, the attackers can create a a page almost identical to the original one by changing only one letter.
  • Do not give personal data on websites without HTTPS.


Further advices:

  • Always update the operating system and the antivirus on your computer, use secure software. Use reliable, secure internet connection, especially during banking.
  • Use only those web shops which are reliable, you are well-informed about and has HTTPS protocol .
  • Never save your credit card data in the browser.
  • Use strong passwords (at least 8 character, including small and capital letter, numbers, special characters, but no personal data) and change them from time to time

Please remember that the bank will never ask for confidential banking data via email, SMS or on the phone.

If you receive a suspicious email or you accidently provided any of your identifier please immediately notify our bank via the phone number a +36(1/20/30/70) 325-3200.

Kind regards,

UniCredit Bank

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