Spectra and Spectra Light client program software update


The Spectra and Spectra Light client program software updates are available at the below links. Please download the file first and then run the update from your computer. Please read thoroughly the update instructions.

Update instructions

Current Program versions:

Spectra Light V6.02-19(3)

Spectra V6.02-19(3)

Should you have any question about the software update, our colleagues are at your disposal at the + 36 (1) 301-1580 HotLine number from 9AM to 4PM on working days.

Demo versions:

Spectra Light Demo V6.02-17(41)
Spectra Demo V6.02-17(41)

Previous program versions:

Spectra Light V6.02-17(41)
Spectra V6.02-17(41)  

Spectra Light V6.02-16(13)

Spectra V6.02-16(13)
Spectra V6.02-07(11) – old custody modul

Spectra Light V5.10-20(2)
Spectra V5.10-20(2)

Spinning wheel animation