Multicash client software

A new era is beginning with the introduction of the new MultiCash version. Our goal is to help our customers achieving their banking matters with this state-of-the-art software as fast and conveninent as possible.


The Multicash client softwares are available from the following links:


Current version 3.23.002:

Multicash 3.23.002 


SEPA module update:

SEPA 3.20.039 (English)

SEPA 3.20.039 (Deutsch)


SEPA module Service Pack:

SEPA Sp32003901 (English)

SEPA Sp32003901 (Deutsch)


User guides:

Upgrade the SEPA module

Upgrade the electronic signature

Setup VMK session type


Should you have any question about the software update, our colleagues are available for you at + 36 (1) 301-1580 from 9AM to 4PM on working days.

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