Social Impact Banking

For a fairer and more equitable society


UniCredit Bank Hungary has a long history of corporate social responsibility. As part of Social Impact Banking we wish to enhance this responsibility even more. As a sign of our commitment to a fairer and more just society, we support and finance the operation of businesses and organisations that create measurable value for society and strengthen the financial literacy of citizens. We do all this through our proven competencies, by providing special loans, by passing on our economic and financial knowledge, and through our staff’s commitment.


Balázs Tóth is the CEO of UniCredit Bank Hungary

“We must do the right thing to make our society better. Through Social Impact Banking, we have become a part of the solution as the initiators and supporters of the change. This is how we expand our corporate social responsibility in Hungary.”


Our goal is to contribute to making a better society and this goal is served by the 3 pillars of the Social Impact Banking activity: social impact financing, financial education and inclusion.


Microcredit for small businesses

We support the establishment and development of start-ups and existing micro-enterprises through a microcredit program. As part of this, we not only provide access to financial instruments, but also provide them with the transmission of core skills and mentoring networks. In this context, we provide not only to financial instruments, but also the mediation and mentoring networks providing them access to basic skills.

Our new microcredit program thus goes beyond the general business relationship between the bank and its customer. It aims to create a network that connects the bank, our partners and our volunteers and supports our clients through a special mentoring program.


Impact financing

We finance and assist businesses and public benefit organisations that bring social improvement to society. We help them by providing loans with favourable interest rates and safe terms, as well as financial trainings, exchange of experience, and by enhancing transparency.

We focus primarily on businesses that operate in the following fields:

  • healthcare, improvement of access to financial services for disadvantaged people
  • social care
  • education and training
  • social home construction, retirement homes
  • social tourism
  • social agriculture
  • protection and development of the artistic and cultural heritage; businesses operating in any industry that target the professional integration of disadvantages groups


Financial education and inclusion

We improve the financial skills of young people and young adults and of those establishing start-up businesses.

On the one hand, we focus on students for whom we organise financial education workshops, online platforms and competitions, through our collaborating partners.

On the other hand, we transfer financial knowledge to vulnerable groups, in particular young people and people at risk of exclusion.



One of the major contributors to the success of our Social Impact Banking activity is our committed staff. In the course of their training and mentoring activities they spend time and use their expertise to support businesses, organisations, and entrepreneurs. They facilitate the exchange of experience and strengthen their sensitivity to projects with social goals.


How Social Impact Banking works

In our Social Impact Banking activity we pay special attention to the constant monitoring and measuring of results, which guarantees the sustainable growth of the supported projects.

Following the successful implementation of Social Impact Banking in Italy, it is now being introduced in Hungary. We customise the concept aimed at facilitating positive social change to local needs.

The expansion of the Social Impact Banking confirms UniCredit Bank’s strong commitment to providing the best possible development opportunities to people and in particular to its clients.

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