Internship Program

UniCredit Bank Hungary offers internship program for students and fresh graduates.
It provides orientation sessions, development activities and challenging assignments under the supervision of senior professionals and managers!

 If you are interested in working in an international Bank, don't miss the opportunity and apply to our Internship Program.

Do you speak English fluently?


Are you willing to grow by learning cross competencies?


Our program is what you are looking for!

A development journey that will give you a unique insight into UniCredit. Thanks to a learning path, you will get to know various business lines and areas of the bank, acquiring skills and competencies, and creating your own network.


What makes our internship program unique?


  • On- and off-the-job learning in the same time
  • Individual mentor ensuring your development path and your daily life in the bank
  • Job rotations
  • Real and virtual teamwork
  • Daily participation in different units to understand what a banker really deals with
  • Follow banking deals from the very first contact till the end of the relationship with a client
  • Participation at client meetings and „never-ending” internal meetings
  • Get an insight what a banking decision means
  • We use your ideas and thoughts to develop new products and processes
  • Realize that being a leader is not always fun
  • Get continuous feedback on your job and your development path
  • Networking activities
  • Part-time job opportunity


Who is our ideal candidate?


  • Relevant university studies
  • Fluency in English
  • Part- or full-time availability


How does the selection process work?



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