We are the sum of different cultures and experiences which come from the banks and the companies that have joined our group. Diversity is key to UniCredit, which aims to create a corporate culture based on a strong and shared set of Values, thereby confirming its identity.

In our daily work, we follow our Integrity Charter that allows us to work as entrepreneurs continuing to create value with respect to each of our stakeholders.


Our set of values is based on integrity as condition of sustainability...




Freedom to act


Reciprocity transform profit into value for all our stakeholders



Stakeholders and markets

Local communities


Integrity, as a driver of social legitimacy, can produce sustainability; sustainability can be transformed into value for our colleagues, customers, investors, local communities and for the society as a whole, with each of which the UniCredit group maintains a positive relationship.


This is the reason why we call our Values the Foundations of the Integrity Charter; they are thus the pillars that must lead behaviour of the UniCredit group's employees with respect to each of our stakeholders.

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