Brand Positioning

We are a leading European commercial bank, focused on real-life customer needs.


In order to reach this goal we are committed to understanding the real-life needs of individuals, companies and communities, to providing concrete answers and real benefits in response to the challenges and opportunities faced by our customers, and to making a positive difference for our customers in each step we take.


We know that “Life is full of ups and downs.” (“Az élet csupa változás és lehetőség.”), but “We are there for both.” (“Számíthat rank.”) At UniCredit, we call this 'Real-Life Banking'. This is not a slogan: it's what our brand is all about.


We believe that our future success will be determined directly by our ability to build closer relationships with each and every one of our customers, and by earning their trust through our ability to deliver concrete answers that respond to their real-life needs.



Our Logo

The logo is not only a symbol is it the flagship of our company and much more than that, because it determines the first impression of the unique character of the bank and essential for identifying our bank. The brand world of UniCredit has a common graphic element as sphere with the white number 1 inside the sphere. The sphere symbolize the energy, reliability and global approach, the number one symbolize the power and dynamism.

Spinning wheel animation


UniCredit Logo