Subsidised and refinanced loans

At UniCredit Bank you can apply for the products of Export promoting credit program of Eximbank.



The UniCredit Bank offers investment and working capital loans refinanced by Magyar Export-Import Bank Zrt. (hereinafter Eximbank) with favourable, subsidised interest rate in HUF or EUR for domestic SMEs and large enterprises. The purpose of the loan program is to improve the competitiveness of enterprises businesses and to promote their appearance in export markets.


EXIM CIRR loan over 2 years term for export pre-financing

UniCredit Bank provides a CIRR-based fixed interest rate credit facility in EUR refinanced by the Magyar Export-Import Bank Zrt. (hereinafter Eximbank) for pre-financing the direct export of goods and services to promote their export operations activities. Further details here

EXIM investment credit facility

UniCredit Bank provides CIRR-based fixed interest rate credit facility in EUR, USD or HUF with minimum 2 years, maximum 5 years term calculated from the end of the implementation of the investment refinanced by Eximbank in frame of Export Promoting Credit Program for financing investments that support the direct export of goods or services of enterprises as well as supplier transactions promoting domestic export by delivery of goods or services. Further details here

On the basis of refinanced loan programs of the Hungarian Development Bank (MFB) loans with favourable interest are available in forint on EURIBOR interest basis.


MFB Business Financing Program 2020

The Business Financing Program 2020 of MFB grants long term financing in forint with favourable conditions on EURIBOR interest basis to micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises and large corporations in order to increase their role in employment, to strengthen their innovation ability and supplying activities, to finance their investments aiming at environmental protection, development of rural areas and health care, as well as to provide additional resources for tenders. Further details here


MFB Public Transport Development Financing Program

The main purpose of the Public Transport Development Financing Program of MFB is to grant favourable loans to companies operating in public transport in order to improve the safe and environment friendly public transport. Further details here


MFB Municipal Infrastucture Development Program 2020

MFB Municipal Infrastructure Development Program 2020 provides a long term investment financing in HUF on EURIBOR interest basis with advantageous interest rate to municipalities for the completion of their voluntary and legally bound infrastructure-development tasks and for their investment projects. Further details here


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