Enhanced transaction data for better transparency

Through Ethoca's website you can upload your company’s logo and name, so that you can increase your brand awareness, while customers can more easily identify their transactions.


What is Ethoca?

According to a recent customer survey by Mastercard, a lot of cardholders have trouble finding items that are difficult to identify in their transaction history, and they don’t immediately think about where and what they bought. For example, it is common in the case of franchise stores or webshops that the name of the company that operates it appears in the history instead the name of the store.


Did you know?

78% may not always be able to identify their purchases
This evokes negative emotions in customers: 48% are worried
78% file a formal complaint


Mastercard Ethoca's free of charge service tries to help in this. It aims to expand and clarify the transaction data for card purchases. On Ethoca's website, you can upload your company's official name and logo, which will be available to customers on most electronic invoice history interfaces and digital receipts after uploading, providing merchants with an additional display option, thus increasing brand awareness and brand presence among customers. Mastercard plans to expand these transaction data with the place and category of purchase and, in some cases, a digital receipt in the future for even better identification.


What are the benefits of this service?

  • It provides more information about your business, making it easier to recall forgotten purchases,
  • simplifying and making transaction data more transparent for customers,
  • with this you can avoid a large number of complaints / recovery claims,
  • provides security to the customer,
  • improving customer satisfaction,
  • reducing negative experience,
  • your company’s brand may thus be better known.


Visit Ethoca’s website, register, and upload your logo!

Keep your business growing!

Good to know:

  • Use of the service is free of charge!
  • If you do not have a logo, you will not be able to upload a name alone.
  • You can also find more information on the Mastercard Ethoca information website.

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