Payment by card? On my phone, I have the terminal.


We are working on digital solutions at UniCredit Bank to help you simplify your business’ financial procedures and solve the difficulties of a modern environment. SoftPOS, our most recent development is a smartphone application that converts your device into a card-accepting terminal. It won't be an issue anymore if your customer doesn't have any cash available or just has large denomination banknotes. You can now offer your customers the option of paying by bank card using your own mobile phones thanks to UniCredit SoftPOS.

Not only the epidemic situation have had a significant impact on our payment habits, but also innovative digital solutions offered by banks (such as Apple Pay or Google Pay), and now more people prefer to pay by card in general. Contactless payment is not only a more hygienic way to make a transaction because there is no need to exchange money, but it is also a convenience for both the payer and the merchant. The amount credited to the bank account can be used to initiate a wide range of electronic payments, including paying contributions, to depositing checks and making everyday purchases, such as groceries or internet shopping. Most couriers now accept card payments at the time of delivery. Contactless payments have been proven to take less time than cash transactions, and customers perceive a smart device transaction as a real payment experience.

In the future we have envisioned we will be able to pay this way at our hairdressers, beauticians, or if something goes wrong at home even to our plumbers, electricians and gas fitters.

Allowing your paying customers or guests to pay their bills using the most innovative contactless payment method, will enhance your service, which they will reward with loyalty and referrals. This is the added value that can make your company unique, and UniCredit SoftPOS has the solution for you.

What are the advantages of using our app?


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  • You don't need to rent a separate POS terminal to accept credit cards, and digital receipts will save you money on paper rolls.
  • Your customers and guests will be satisfied with this convenient, cashless payment solution.
  • From the appointment to the invoice settlement, you can manage the company's activities on your own device.
  • You'll find up to date, precise statistics and graphs on your payment transactions, so you can keep track of who paid you how much.


How to use UniCredit SoftPOS?

The conclusion of a service contract, which you can also initiate digitally by clicking the button below, is a requirement for using the service

How does the Telephone Terminal application work?
How does the UniCredit SoftPOS application look like?


Be at the forefront of your your company's financial development by providing a modern solution with a digital payment experience! Use SoftPOS from UniCredit.

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