Private Banking package


UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. started offering private banking services in Hungary in 1999. We have developed our Private Banking account package based on client needs that we have monitored for years, and statistics on how clients are using our services.

The account package includes no account management fee1 and offers favourable conditions on bank cards, transaction fees and service fees. (Unified Deposit Index Rate / EBKM until 20th June, 2016: 0,05 %; Unified Deposit Index Rate / EBKM from 21st June, 2016: 0,01 %;)

The fees and conditions of the account package are available in the “List of Conditions and Announcements for Private Banking Customers” document, which is available on the “Conditions” page, the detailed description of the deposit agreement is included in the General Terms and Conditions.



1 The monthly account handling fee is free of charge and it is a special offer of the Bank. The normal charge equals the charge as defined for the Privát account package, which will not be charged by the Bank as a special offer. This action is valid until withdrawn.

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