Hitelautomata Extra overdraft facility

Why is Hitelautomata Extra advantageous for your business?

  • A simplified loan application has to be submitted for the loan application.
  • No business plan is required for the loan application.
  • No asset collateral is needed for the loan, the joint and several guarantee of the private individual majority shareholders1 of the business is enough.
  • The loan can be used freely. The usage of the credit, its repayment and the interest payment is automatic through debiting and crediting the bank account so no special order is needed.
  • You may also apply for the loan if you do not have a current account at UniCredit Bank currently; you do not need to terminate your accounts in other banks.
  • With your bank card you will have immediate access to your credit line and can avail of your bank account via any of the available electronic channels (Phone Banking, Electronic Banking client program).

Who is this overdraft facility for?

Any bt (limited partnership), kkt (general partnership), kft (limited liability company), rt (company limited by shares), cooperative and sole entrepreneur registered in Hungary which/who

  • has completed at least one full financial year and has been operating for two years (for our clients who have held a bank account with us for at least 6 months, one complete, closed operating year is enough); if the requested loan is higher than HUF 25 million, then at least two closed financial years needed
  • is and was not subject to bankruptcy or liquidation procedure or winding up over the last 2 years and there is no judicial enforcement procedure in progress against it;
  • is certified as having no ov
  • has no overdues or expired loan debts in KHR (Central Credit Information System);
  • erdue public debt (NAV);
  • does not have any non-performing loans at UniCredit Bank;
  • whose company result and equity calculated without the evaluation reserve is not negative;
  • complies (both the loan applicants and the guarantors) with the business policy of Garantiqa Hitelgarancia Zrt

Please contact our branch staff or call us for the current conditions and further information.

What are the main features of Hitelautomata Extra?

  • Loan amount: min. HUF 500,000, max. HUF 50,000,000 and the equivalent EUR amount (converted at the MNB median exchange rate valid on the last day of the month preceding the conclusion of the contract) and the amount of the credit line depends on the rating of the business as well as the extent of credit turnover on the bank account in the previous year.
  • Term: max. one year, which can be extended by an additional year prior to expiry.

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How can you apply for the Hitelautomata Extra overdraft facility?

Please contact our staff at the UniCredit branches for personal credit advice. Our advisors will inform you on the currently effective terms and conditions and the requirements to apply.

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Electronic channels

Free disposal over your bank account using any of the following electronic channels: Phone Banking or Internet Banking. Further details

This information does not constitute an offer.
The conditions and detailed description of the use of the overdraft are described in the contract, and in the bank’s List of Conditions and Announcements. The Bank reserves the right to amend the conditions. UniCredit Bank reserves the right to decide on loan disbursement and the amount and conditions of the loan individually based on the overdraft facility application and the submitted documents.

The surety of the private individual majority shareholders (50%+1 vote).

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