Fix Card account package


We recommend our Fix Card account package to businesses, primarily in relation to the use of bankcards. Naturally, you may apply for it as a supplement to your other HUF account packages or on its own.


What kind of businesses is our Fix Card account package for?

The Fix Card account package is ideal for those enterprises that use it mainly to manage card transactions.

What does the Fix Card corporate account package offer?
  • 1 current bank account used for HUF cash transactions;  
  • Phone Banking service if required;    
  • 1 Corporate Maestro® international bank card based on application, free of issuer fee and membership fee, with access to multiple bank accounts (even with different currencies) at the same time, in the order you choose. This way you can rationalise your expenses abroad and reduce foreign exchange risk;

Fee discount and services free of charges are offered as part of our promotion until revoked. Our SpectraNet Light Internet Banking service can be used, subject to separate terms and conditions and for an extra fee: it helps you to manage your day-to-day finances conveniently end easily from numerous locations around the world.

Please contact our branch staff or call us for further information.

What else might you need to manage your finances?

Are you looking for a cheap, simple and flexible solution for paying the daily cash or revenue into your bank account?

With our Deposit card you can deposit cash, even outside bank opening hours, through ATMs within the country, equipped with that function and operated by UniCredit. You can find more information on the Deposit card here.


Would you like to be up-to-date with the balance on your account?

You can apply for an SMS service for your Fix Card account package for a fee, so you can always accurately follow the transactions on your account.


Are you looking for a simple, cost effective, and quick solution for issuing invoices?

Get acquainted with the service offered to the Bank's clients by Számlá, which is available to UniCredit's small enterprise clients at a significant discount (currently 60%) and free electronic invoice issue (120/year).

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