What are we offering?

Our people are our biggest asset, contributing to our community with their various experiences, skills and perspectives. We believe that their well-being has a positive impact on our customers and the community we serve.

For this reason, our mission is to bring out the best in people through a friendly and supportive work environment. We seek to achieve work-life balance through innovative formulas such as part time, flexible working hours and smart work arrangements. We support them through difficulties and find solutions that help them to be at their best both professionally and personally.

Because they are much more than just employees

Our dynamic, bold and entrepreneurial spirit helps us meet every challenge with a can-do determination.

We are agile thinkers who find smart and simple solutions to complex challenges.

Innovation is in every aspect of our work because we believe that forward thinking is crucial to progress.

We continuously transform the way in which we work to build our future together.

Because we all contribute meaningfully to our shared future success.

Our diverse community inspires us to collaborate, grow and innovate by bringing together different talents, skills, experiences and perspectives within our Group. It teaches us to be more open-minded, respectful and tolerant. For these reasons, we foster a culture of inclusion, which we consider as key to achieving sustainable results.

To gain the most out of diversity, we fuel global collaboration and teamwork, both across functions and borders. We have also developed a Global Mobility Program for our employees who wish to be temporarily relocated abroad.

We are all united by diversity; every voice, culture, and experience enriches our community: One Bank, One UniCredit. 

Because diverse ideas fuel action.

We empower our people to grow by activating their unique potential and investing in their professional and personal development.

To accomplish this, we provide learning and growth opportunities through hands-on experiences, cross-functional trainings and networking. Moreover, we recognize and activate our people’s potential in leadership and career advancement, through different development programs across the bank and around the globe.

We inspire and challenge our people to go beyond their expectations, in order to excel and achieve even greater goals.

Because you can make a real difference.

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