Please also read the information from the NBH via the following link in order to have more detailed information

Apart from other functions, the National Bank of Hungary also supervises the financial intermediary system of the country as an independent regulatory authority performing the tasks of a supervisory authority, controlled only by the law. One of the missions of the National Bank of Hungary is to identify the risks in the various sectors of the financial institutions, to mitigate or eliminate existing risks and to apply preventive measures in order to ensure the prudent operation of the individual financial organisations. Its objective is to protect the interests of the users of the services of the organisations in order to increase public trust in the financial intermediary system. The NBH also provides a forum for the settlement of consumers’ legal disputes and intends to increase consumers’ understanding of financial matters.

Recommendation of the NBH on consumer protection principles for collection practices of debt collection organisations, applied by our bank


NBH’s information on payment difficulties in English

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