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The whole range of our debit and credit cards (Annual Percentage Rate/APR 39,08-40,12%)1 is available for our clients. With the Private Banking account package we provide the principal card holder with a MasterCard Gold and a VISA Gold debit card free of charge2. From our range of credit cards, UniCredit Gold and Platina are available without issuance fee3 and with a special membership fee.

The UniCredit Platina credit card represents a premium category. It is considered a highly prestigious payment tool around the world, which offers exclusive additional services that provide card holders with a sense of safety and include favourable conditions and entitlements.

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The bank reserves the right to amend conditions and to make a decision on the issuance of the credit card and the extent of the credit line based on the credit card application and the submitted documents, according to the currently valid List of Conditions, the General Terms and Conditions and the Business Rules on Bank Cards, on the basis of its own credit assessment.

1 The APR has been defined and calculated with respect to the current conditions and in line with the prevailing legal provisions, and the rate of APR can be modified in the case of changes in the conditions. For loans/credits with variable interest rates the APR will not reflect the interest risk of the loan/credit.Value of APR counted – in case of Orange and Blue credit cards - on the basis of a credit limit HUF 375,000. In case of Gold credit card the basis of of credit limit is HUF 750,000 while HUF 1,000,000 for Platinum credit cards.
2  The normal fee is as indicated in the debit bankcard conditions list for private clients, which will not be charged by the Bank as a special offer. This action is valid until withdrawn. In case there is more than one account linked to the Card, then in terms of Card issuer and membership fees, the principal account’s card conditions are applicable. The special offer is valid only, if the account package related to the card’s principal account is the Private Banking account package.
3  The charge indicated above is a special offer of the Bank. This action is valid until withdrawn. The normal tariff of the special charge is shown in the prevailing List of Conditions of UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. for private customers with credit card.
4 As a special offer it is free of charge if the amount of purchase turnover successfully implemented and accounted on the credit card account during 12 months preceding the first day of the month following the accounting month of the primary card, in case of a UniCredit Gold credit card, reached HUF1.5 million, and in case of a UniCredit Platinum credit card, reached HUF 3 million. This action is valid until withdrawn. The normal tariff is shown in the prevailing List of Conditions of UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. for private customers with credit card.

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