mCash: cash withdrawal without a bank card, using the UniCredit Mobile application


UniCredit Bank’s Mobile application offers mCash, a new feature, unique in Hungary, for withdrawing cash without using a bank card from any UniCredit ATM in this country.

Convenient: Practical:
Use your Mobile application
to easily withdraw cash from UniCredit ATMs.
Access your cash while doing sports, on the beach
or if you have left your bank card at home.
It meets stringent banking regulations.


What are the limits applicable to the mCash service?

The bank sets limits specific to this service, irrespective of the bank card limits:

  • a transaction limit of HUF 150,000,
  • a daily limit of HUF 150,000.

The bank does not limit the number of transactions per day. The limits are published in the bank’s lists of conditions for retail customers. The limits cannot be modified.

Who can access this service?

Account Owners with a private HUF current account who:

  • use the UniCredit Mobile application and have downloaded and activated its latest version from the App Store or the Play Store;
  • have a debit card with active status;
  • have a HUF account linked to  debit card,
  • as Users, shall be exclusively authorised to use the mCash code for cash withdrawals at our ATMs, as disclosing the code to third parties is expressly forbidden and constitutes a breach of contract. Please note that if it is proven that a User has disclosed the code to a third party, the bank may withdraw the User's access to the Mobile Application.
How to access the service?

A detailed description of the process:

1.Log on to the Mobile application and select the debit card to start an mCash transaction or open the bank cards menu on the start page, or select the relevant ATM from the ATM and Branch Locator before logging in. If you have more than one HUF account linked to your card, you will have the option to select the HUF account you wish to charge the transaction to.

2.Please specify the amount you wish to withdraw when you initiate the mCash transaction in the application.

3.If the transaction does not exceed the daily mCash limit and there are sufficient funds available on the associated account, the bank will generate an (eight-digits) mCash code for you. The code will be valid for a single cash withdrawal transaction and expires after five minutes.

4.You can start the mCash transaction with the dedicated function button at the ATM without inserting your debit card in the machine. After launching the function, enter the mCash code using the ATM’s keyboard.

5.Once the right code has been entered, the bank will check the funds available on the selected HUF account once more, and if the feedback is positive, the ATM will issue the requested amount and print a transaction slip.

At the same time, you will receive a push notification of the successful transaction in the Mobile application.

How much is the service fee?

The standard fee for the ATM transaction is equal to the fee for cash withdrawals with debit cards at domestic UniCredit ATMs: 0.66%, or at least HUF 245. The bank provides the free cash withdrawals stipulated in Section 36/A of Act LXXXV of 2009 on Payment Services for mCash transactions too, and account package discounts also apply to mCash transactions. If the discounts are applicable to a limited number of transactions, the bank will take into account the aggregate number of transactions conducted with a card as well as using mCash to calculate the monthly figure.

The bank will debit the cash withdrawal fee together with the transaction amount (on the next banking day), just as it does with ATM cash withdrawals by card.


How to download the application?

Mobile operating system:



This information is not comprehensive and does not constitute an offer to conclude a contract. The terms and conditions of the service are set out in the General Terms and Conditions and the lists of conditions for retail customers, which are also available at all of our branches. The bank reserves the right to change its terms and conditions.

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