Accelerate your everyday life and pay with one tap! Here you can read about the advantages of the contactless bank cards. We have collected the most important information for you about contactless payments.


What does contactless payment mean?

The Mastercard contactless payment is a new payment technology which makes purchases with bank card easier and quicker: you only tap the card to the terminal and the transaction will immediately be completed. In the case of amounts below HUF 5,000, even the PIN code is not necessary, while above HUF 5,000, the usual 4-digit PIN code has to be entered.

What are the advantages of the contactless bank card?
  • It can be used as a normal bank card: for purchase, online shopping or cash withdrawal from ATMs.
  • You can pay with one tap: at the terminals with contactless logo you do not have to pass over your bankcard because it is not necessary to insert the card into the terminal.
  • In case of contactless payments under HUF 5,000 you don’t even have to enter your PIN code.
How can you recognise a contactless bank card?

The contactless payment function of the bank card is indicated on the card by the icon.

How does the contactless payment work?
  • If you see the icon on the terminal, you can use the contactless function of your card.
  • Tap your card to the terminal where you see the symbol.  
  • After 1-2 seconds, a beep will indicate that the transaction has been successful and the terminal will also display the relevant text on its screen.
  • Below HUF 5,000 you can pay without your PIN code, while in case of higher amounts, you need to use your PIN code.
  • You will get the receipt or invoice after payment as usual.
Is the contactless payment secured?

The contactless payment is a new and safe payment technology which makes bank card purchases more convenient.

  • During payment you will keep your bank card, you do not have to give it to the cashier, so you can exclude any risk that may arise from that.
  • The bank card operates from 4-6 centimetres from the contactless terminal. Due to the small distance, no abuse is possible.
  • You will still receive the receipt or invoice after the purchase, so later you can check your bank card transactions.
  • If you applied for text message (SMS) service, the bank will send messages about all the bank card transactions.
Where can you pay with your contactless bank card?

You can pay with your contactless bank card at any place where you see the icon on the terminal. For example, at fast-food restaurants, department stores, shops, restaurants, coffee shops, cinemas and the number of places are increasing continuously all over the country. For further information about the available places please click here.

Pay attention to the following when using your contactless bank card
  • Always make sure that your bank card cannot be taken by unauthorised third parties! If your bank card was lost or stolen, call our UniCredit Telephone Bank service available 24 hours a day  within Hungary on +36 1/20/30/70  325 3200 - to block the card immediately.
  • Apply for our text message (SMS) service to get notifications about your bank card transactions.
  • Set or modify the POS daily limit or the daily frequency usage limit according to your planned spending at any of our branches or through our Telephone Bank service.
  • To track your balance, please use our electronic banking services.
You don’t have a contactless bank card yet?

Read about further advantages and ask for a call back from our colleagues.

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