Do you know what to do if a serious sickness arises in the family? Health insurance schemes – developed by Best Doctors and CIG Pannónia Life Insurance Ltd.– available for you by our bank, with which you can prepare for such an unexpected case. Best Doctors Bonus and Smart are health insurance schemes which make doctors who are considered experts in their own field at several points of the world available for those insured.


Who can benefit from the Best Doctors® health insurances? Those who:

  • would like the specialists of specific sicknesses to be available for them,
  • would like to have an opportunity to obtain a second medical opinion in respect of any kind of sickness; in this case the papers of the insured will be reviewed by specialists who are considered as experts in their own area,
  • find it important that an insurer can fully organise their medical treatment abroad.

The Best Doctors® health insurances provide the following for you:

  Best Doctors Smart Best Doctors Bonus
Specialists available all over the world
Full arrangement of a treatment abroad
Full financing of a treatment abroad in the case of the five most feared  dread diseases
Non-stop customer service on phone
Reimbursement of a € 100/day hospitalisation cost during the treatment abroad
Reimbursement of the costs of the medicinal treatment in Hungary up to € 50,000
In the event of the death of the insured person, reimbursement of the full insurance premium paid  
Bonus if there was no claim, if no medical treatment was requested abroad during the term of the insurance  


In case of which dread diseases cover the Best Doctors health insurances the treatment abroad?

The Best Doctors health insurances cover the expenses necessary for healing abroad (travel, hotel accommodation, hospitalisation, medications, operations up to € 2,000,000) in the case of the treatment of the five most feared dread diseases i.e. they cover

  • the treatment of cancerous sicknesses,
  • bypass operation,
  • heart valve replacement,
  • organ and tissue transplantation, and
  • neurosurgical procedures.

How can you conclude the Best Doctors Bonus or Smart health insurance?

Contact our colleagues in our nationwide branch network!


What are the costs of the Best Doctors® health insurances?

Monthly premium3 Best Doctors® Smart Best Doctors® Bonus
Adult premium (19-64 yrs old)1 HUF 6,475 € 53
Adult premium (65-84 yrs old) HUF 11,725 € 105
Child premium (0-18 yrs old)2 HUF 2,975 € 22


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Product information

Terms of the Insurance - Best Doctors Bonus Health Insurance

Terms of the Insurance - Best Doctors Smart Health Insurance

Information on the mediator of the insurance


This information is not comprehensive and does not constitute an offer. The details of the product are included in the Insurance terms and conditions document.


1 Maximum age of entry is 64 years. If during the term, any of the insured persons enter a different age group (an 18-year old turns 19 or a 64-year old turns 65), the premium increase is enforced in both the individual premium and the family package.

2 No insurance can be taken out separately for children, one of the parents have to be insured as a minimum. No premium is charged for the fourth and any additional child included in the insurance.

3 In the case of annual/semi-annual/quarterly premium payment even more premium discounts are available.

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