SpectraNet Light

Account balance (booked, available, reserved, overdraft limit)

Account history

Account balances

Account statement in PDF format (it is qualified as an accounting record if it is provided with a certified digital signature and a time stamp)

Electronic account statement in UniCredit format


Notification on postal cash payment orders

Notification on postal cheques

Notices on batch transfers


Direct debit notices


Confirmation of authorisations



HUF transfer (incl. VIBER)

FX transfers

EU transfers

SEPA transfers

HUF transfers between own accounts

FX transfers between own accounts

HUF Standing orders / compensations (new, amendment, deletion)

Direct debit authorisations (set up, modification, cancellation)

Batch transfers


Direct debit


Applying for electronic account statements

Prompt collection orders


Postal cash payment orders

Opening term deposits

Terminating term deposits

Viewing and cancelling pending HUF transactions

Free form letters/orders1

Announcement of cash withdrawals2

Cash delivery orders


Authorisation to release account information2


Instruction to release coverage certificate2


Drawdown of loan2


Security functions

Account balance (account balance. available balance, market value)

Account history

Account Statement

Trading listed shares

Distribution of domestic and international Pioneer investment funds

Distribution of external investment funds

Securities transfer

Viewing and withdrawal of pending transactions

SMS service3

SMS notifications related to a bank account (viewing actual settings / new application / modification)

SMS notifications related to a debit card (viewing actual settings/new application / amendment)

Banking information queries (currency and FX rates; interest rates)

Interest calculation


Other services

Hungarian, English and German-language versions

Managing templates

Setting up default account numbers for each type of order

Handling multiple signatures

Export and import function (order packages, templates, statements, notices), data exchange with accounting systems

Electronic mailbox function: sending orders to different installation sites to be (further) signed, modified or sent to the bank

Electronic mailbox function: Delivering orders initiated on  SpectraNet System (and conversely) to be (further) signed, modified or sent to the bank.

Management of the accounts of multiple Account Holders with a single User ID.

Multi Client: Through client software installed on one computer, several account holders can dispose over accounts held at our bank

Multi Site: Various copies of the client software may be installed at multiple locations, even at the account holders’ business sites abroad, and the access rights and passwords of signatories can be used automatically from every site

Network operation

Viewing logs


Installation and subsequent support on site


1 As of 1 November 2009 these types of orders are not available for private individuals and Small Business Clients.

2 For order types marked with an asterisk, signature rights will be verified on the basis of the so-called Letter Execution Score, while for other order types based on the Authority Score belonging to the given account.
For client software with a version number lower than V5.10.01 when giving instructions on making and cancelling deposits and cash delivery, signature rights will be verified through checking the “Authority Score”.

3 Users can apply for or amend an SMS notification to a bank account with regard to which they have at least query rights, and they have disposal rights over the account specified as a fee paying account. Users can apply for or amend an SMS notification to a debit card where with regard to the underlying bank account they have at least query rights, and they have disposal rights over the account specified as a fee paying account.

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