You can fix your savings with a promotional interest rate of 3.00% p.a. for 2 months with our promotional HUF time deposit offer if you increase the amount of your savings held at our Bank1. (EBKM (Unified Deposit Rate Index) in case of rollover: 3.04%)

Who may benefit from our 2 month promotional time deposit offer? Those who:

  •     seek time deposits paying higher interest rates than traditional HUF time deposits,
  •     prefer safety and predictability,
  •     want to increase their savings.

How can you place a time deposit at the bank?

Contact our colleagues in our national branch network.

Are you one of our customers already? Call our colleagues, and give a time deposit order via our Phone Banking service.

For your attention!

Commit HUF 5 million as a 2 month promotional time deposit and use the advantages of the UniCredit Premium Banking services!

For the daily management of your finances, select the bank account that suits your needs the most with our account selecting application.

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Your time deposits are protected by the National Deposit Insurance Fund up to EUR 100,000. Familiarise yourself with the details!

The minimum amount that can be placed in the scheme described above is HUF 200,000, while the maximum is HUF 50,000,000.



This advertisement is not comprehensive. For additional details, see the Bank’s current announcement on “Sight and term deposits, the interest rate conditions of UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. for private individuals” and its “List of Conditions for Private Individuals”. For the detailed terms of deposit contracts see our “General Terms and Conditions”.



1 This promotion is valid from 2 November 2016 until withdrawn and is applicable to deposits newly placed (from outside the bank) by private individuals if on 24 October 2016 the customer increases his/her savings held at UniCredit Bank. For further information on the details and conditions of the promotional deposit, please check the Bank’s announcement on “Sight and term deposits and UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.’s interest conditions for retail clients”.

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