Our Dual housing loan combines the benefits of a housing loan and prior home savings. If you fulfil the conditions for entitlement, you can receive a favourable housing loan with the benefits of a high-yield and risk-free savings scheme.
APR1: 3.79 -6,60%

Representative example: In case of a loan of HUF 5,000,000 mortgage loan for a term of 20 years, with a market interest rate, with a mortgage registered on a real property, with a 5-year interest rate period, the loan’s interest rate varies in each interest rate period, rate of 4.45% per year, the number of instalments is 240 repayment, the monthly instalments in the first interest rate period total HUF 38,542, the APR1 may change in the additional interest rate periods as the interest rate changes, APR1: 4.39%, the total credit fee is HUF 2,549,348, (which, in addition to the standard interest rate, is composed of the following fee related to the transfer of the loan amount: HUF 17 500, fee for property registration procedure: HUF 12,600 per item; (lien registration request), fee for the title deed requested from the Takarnet system: HUF 1,000 per item, locking fee of pre home saving contract: HUF 5,000, account opening fee: HUF 32,000 (1% of the contract amount), account handling fee: HUF 150, fee related to credit guarantee registry: HUF 5,000 (identity statement), and HUF 7,000 (credit guarantee declaration allowance), and the fee of group collection order: HUF 140 (0,3% of the order amount, minimum HUF 50, maximum HUF 6,000), total amount payable by the consumer: HUF 7,246,592. The premium of the property insurance policy taken for the property used as collateral is not known to the creditor, and is therefore not included in the APR. For dual housing loan, the APR value is calculated on the assumption that the consumer has a fast modality HUF 3,200,000 LTP contract.

During the term of the prior home savings, you only need to pay the following every month:

  • the interest and the auxiliary costs, as per the current announcement, to UniCredit Bank;
  • the principal portion of the loan in the form of monthly savings to Fundamenta-Lakáskassza.

You partially repay your outstanding principal amount with the savings collected this way and the state subsidy credited to it, as well as the deposit interest, upon the expiry of the term of the home savings contract. Over the remaining term of the loan, you repay the remaining principal amount to UniCredit Bank directly.

An account kept by UniCredit Bank and property insurance for the real estate serving as collateral, encumbered with a lien for our bank are the conditions for the disbursement of the loan.

What can you accomplish with the dual loan?

  • Purchase of new or pre-owned homes,
  • You can use it to buy a condominium apartment, the purchase price of which you will have to pay according to the schedule specified in the sales contract,
  • You can use it to build or expand a residential property, and
  • to modernise residential properties.

Please contact our branch staff or call us for further information.

What are the advantages of the dual housing loan?

  • If you need an additional service, the advisers of Fundamenta-Lakáskassza can visit you at home and within the framework of customised administration, you can arrange the loan application simply and conveniently.
  • Due to the housing savings contract, you are entitled to a maximum of HUF 72,000 state subsidy p.a. or up to 30% of your savings. The amount of the state subsidy can be increased if several home savings contracts are concluded within the family (maximum 5).
  • You can include your existing home savings contract in the Dual housing loan as well as the newly concluded one.

How can you apply for the loan?

You can apply for your Dual housing loan at the branches of UniCredit Bank, or the advisers of Fundamenta-Lakáskassza can help you to select the right form of financing at your home. They will make the list of the required documents available for you and perform the preliminary creditworthiness test with the cooperation of UniCredit Bank.

Should you have further questions regarding the above, please call the UniCredit Bank’s Phone Banking on +36 (1/20/30/70) 325 3200, or contact Fundamenta-Lakászkassza on 06-1/411-8181! Or click here to visit the website of Fundamenta in Hungarian.

What are the terms and conditions to apply?

You may apply for UniCredit Bank’s Dual loan if you are a resident natural person with full capacity of action, and

  • you have an eligible property,
  • you are aged more than 18 and, when the loan matures, you will not be more than 65 (if you are aged more than 65 when the loan matures then you can apply for this loan with a life insurance policy as collateral, where UniCredit Bank is the beneficiary),
  • you have a landline or a mobile phone in your name,
  • you have had an active retail bank account at any Hungarian bank for at least 2 months,
  • you have a regular and certified net monthly income which is not less than the current net minimum wage.
  • you have been working at your current workplace for at least 3 months and have completed your trial period, or you have been a sole trader or a pensioner for at least one year.

Decide responsibly on taking out a loan!

The Responsible Lending and Banking Terms and Definitions may help you become more knowledgeable on contracting a loan, while at the website of the Hungarian National Bank’s Financial Customer Protection Centre in Hungarian you can find product descriptions that help you make responsible decisions, as well as applications that help you make comparisons. Please make a responsible and prudent decision with respect to taking out a loan, taking your income into account.

What we offer in addition to the Dual loan?

Choose a UniCredit account for your everyday finances

You can reduce the monthly account management fee of numerous accounts if your income is credited to a UniCredit bank account. Contact our colleagues at any of our branches; they can help you to choose the bank account that best suits your needs. Use our website to calculate which bank account best suits your needs. Count on us!


This information is not comprehensive, it does not qualify as an offer; all the data stated herein are for information purposes only. The Bank reserves the right to make amendments. This information does not constitute any obligation for the bank to approve and disburse the loan. The bank assesses the applicant’s assets and income and the collateral value of the property securing the loan based on its own Loan Approval Regulations and the prevailing legal regulations. The loan conditions are outlined in UniCredit Bank’s List of Conditions for private individuals and the bank’s Announcement on the conditions for loans extended to private individuals. The bank reserves the right to amend conditions. The bank’s decision relating to granting a loan shall be made in accordance with the conditions outlined in its Retail Business Regulations, List of Conditions and Announcement, based on its loan assessment.


1 The APR has been determined with respect to the current conditions, prevailing legal provisions and the Active discount applicable for the whole term of the loan in the case of performance of the contractual conditions, and may be altered if the conditions - in the case of reference rate-based interest rates also including a change in the reference rate - change; the APR does not reflect the interest rate risk of loans with variable interest rates.

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