Clientele Informative - Information System for Customs Payments



Our Clients may benefit from this new service by:

  • Having free disposal of their goods subject to customs duties almost immediately after paying such duties, since UniCredit Bank will certify to NTCA, within fifteen minutes at the latest, that all public dues have been paid for the dutiable goods.
  • Having no need to come to our branches in person, since they will be able to initiate any necessary transactions from their office, through any electronic means.

Important information for the use of the service:

  • Our Clients have nothing further to do in order to activate the service.
  • In accordance with NTCA’s regulations, the Number of the Certificate relating to a certain transaction and the VPID/EORI identification no. are to be entered in the Narrative field of the order without any spaces or other characters. (UniCredit Bank may only guarantee the retrievability of orders that bear such codes. See: Formulating the Code).
  • Remittances made in favour of NTCA’s bank accounts are irreversible.
  • The fee to be paid for immediate automatic data transfer to NTCA - as specified in the effective List of Conditions.

Formulating the Code

UniCredit Bank will only send information to NTCA for orders bearing a Certificate Number and VPID formulated in observance of the following rules.

  • One of the following characters should be entered before and after the codes in question:
    • space (" ").
    • slash ("/")
    • colon (":")
    • comma (",") or
    • dot (".")
  • The very beginning of the first Narrative line may also be the Decision Number or the VPID without any special characters. At the end of Narrative lines the code line can be broken, but no separation characters should be entered in such cases.
  • Certificate Numbers consist of 14 characters, and VPID identification numbers are 12-characters long. Entering spaces or dashes (“-“) in the code will result in errors.
  • Narrative fields may only contain one Certificate Number and one VPID number each. You may only pay one customs fee through one remittance; such fees have to be paid one by one.
  • The accuracy of the formulation of Certificate Numbers and VPID numbers will be verified by a check algorithm.

Correct formulation (examples):




Incorrect formulation (examples)




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