Alipay from UniCredit

Alipay is one of China's most popular mobile payment applications, which is now available in Hungary.


Alipay is the world's largest online and mobile payment platform operated by Ant Financial Services Group, a subsidiary of the giant Alibaba Group in China.

Alipay users are the owners of an account in a Chinese bank. Thanks to the agreement with UniCredit, Alipay is already available in Hungary as a form of payment, offering new business opportunities and an innovative payment acceptance method to accepting clients and companies.


Why use the service?

Alipay is a secure cashless payment method that offers innovative shopping experience overcoming language and cultural limitations.

Accepting partners, as acceptance sites, appear in the application, so Alipay's list of merchants offering acceptance is available to all Chinese tourists using the application and payment.


Why did UniCredit choose Alipay?

The introduction of Alipay's services in Hungary is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the rapidly growing number of Chinese tourists visiting the country. According to the Hungarian Tourism Agency, 178,000 Chinese guests visited Budapest in 2017, so China is on the top ten in the list of countries where most tourists arrive in the Hungarian capital, and in 2018, nearly 330,000 guest nights in Budapest.

The service is available.

For further information, please call your relationship manager or turn to any UniCredit branch in Hungary.

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