Dear Client,


Please be informed that we have temporarily restricted the transaction limits on your bank card for security reasons. For the same reason, a new bank card will be issued and sent to you shortly to replace your current one. You can of course use your current card until the new bank card is activated, taking the below information into consideration.

Our security monitoring systems indicated that your bank card may have been or may be misused in the future. For this reason, we have modified your card transaction limits as follows:

In case of Mastercard Unembossed cards:

Daily cash withdrawal limit: 150,000 HUF

Daily purchase limit: 150,000 HUF

Daily Internet purchase limit: 0 HUF

In case of Mastercard Standard cards:

Daily cash withdrawal limit: 250,000 HUF

Daily purchase limit: 300,000 HUF

Daily Internet purchase limit: 0 HUF


With these settings, your bank card can be used safely for cash withdrawals and physical purchases, risk may occur in case of online shopping transactions. Therefore, until your new bank card arrives to you and is activated, we kindly ask you to increase the online purchase limit only when necessary, and to always reset it to HUF 0 after the transaction.

Replacing your bank card or the limit modification by our bank are free of charge. If the card replacement fee is debited from your account, it will be credited within 5 business days. If there is a fee for resetting your daily cash withdrawal limit to the value before reducing it, then it will be credited to your current account subsequently. Changing the daily (physical) purchase limit and the daily online purchase limit is free of charge in all cases.

During card replacement we will produce a new bank card and PIN code which will be posted to your card sending address recorded in our system. The type, conditions and settings of the new card will not change, they will be the same as the features of your current card. Please note that your new card will be created with the security limit settings detailed above!

Please activate it immediately when you receive your new card and PIN. You can activate using the mobile application service [UniCredit mBanking] or, after telephone bank identification, via [UniCredit Telefonbank] (+36 1/20/30/70 325 3200). You will be able to use the new card safely.

On the morning of the day following activation, your original card assigned for replacement will be automatically closed and will no longer be usable. If you do not activate your new card by 28th of February 2022, then your current card will be locked automatically.

If you do not receive your new card by 20th of January 2022, please notify our colleagues at + 36-1 / 20/30/70-325-3200 or in any of our UniCredit branches.

If you have already consulted on blocking and replacing your bank card with our colleague by phone (after 27 November 2021), the above information will not apply to your card. You will be able to use your new card as agreed once it has been activated.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience!


Yours faithfully,

UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.

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