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We hereby inform you that telephone conversations with our administrators are recorded for quality assurance and bank security purposes, and for the protection and reproducibility of verbal commitments: voice recordings are stored for 8 years. UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. (hereinafter: the Bank) manages and uses the data and information of which it is made aware during the phone conversation according to the provisions of Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information (“Data Privacy Act”), taking into consideration the purpose or assumed purpose of the disclosure of data, to which you consent by giving your personal data voluntarily during the phone conversation. We would also like to remind you that in certain cases the Bank is legally obliged to record conversations and store them for a specified period (e.g. legal provisions regarding complaint management). If you use the free of charge calling option available on the Bank's internet home page, we inform you that the personal data voluntarily given and necessary to use of the function for technical reasons are used by the Bank only to contact you in relation to the topics and by the means you indicated. The Bank deletes personal data received in such a manner within 90 days. We inform you that you can request the correction and – with the exception of mandatory data management – the blocking or deletion of any data the Bank was made aware of, and you have the right to request information on the fact and quality of the management of your data. If the data management is deemed illegal, you can turn to the Bank’s internal data protection officer, the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information and based on the Data Privacy Act, to the court competent at the location of the data manager’s registered office or the affected person’s address (residence). The Bank excludes any liability for damages in connection with any data which it uses and processes in a lawful manner, and for damages caused by the limitations on the use and management of these data or by any ban on using these data.

An html code of contains references coming from or arriving to external servers which are independent from the bank. The server of the external service provider is in direct contact with the user's computer. We draw the kind attention of our visitors to the fact, that the providers of these references by the reason of direct connection to their servers, and also for the sake of direct communication are capable of collecting user data (such as IP address, browser, datas of the operating system, movement of the computer mouse, address and date of the visited site). 

IP addresses are number sequences, which are used to precisely identify the computer device of users who step on the Internet. With the assistance of ID addresses the user of the device can also be localised geographically. The addresses of the formerly visited sites, and the date of visits individually are not competent to identify the user, but in the same time by linking them to formerly granted data they can be used to draw conclusions of the user.

Contents personalized for the user are served out by external servers. About the data management of the extrernal servers data controllers listed hereunder can provide further information.

In return of carrying out their services, the following external service providers can place small data packages (also known as 'cookies') on the device of the user. They are also able to save the client's IP address and other datas, and to visualize advertising components for the user.




Availability of the data management policies

Analitic measurements

Google Analytics

Visualization of personalized advertisements

Google AdSense


More information can be required from the following addresses.

Cookies can be removed by the user and banned from the browser. Handling of cookies can be usually set in the Devices/Setting menu section of the browser under Data Protection/History/Personal settings menu item by the title ‘Cookie following’.

Learn more about cookies on the following site:


Contact details for data protection matters

Please send your declarations regarding the use of your data to any of the following contact points. The Bank will make sure, within the shortest time possible, that your data are managed and used in the future as you intend.


Contact details:
Mailing address: UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt. 1242 Budapest, Pf. 386

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