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UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.’s main objective is to provide excellent services to our customers. However, despite every good intention it may happen that our services give rise to complaints or objections. In such cases, it is most important that you let us know about the problem so we may take steps to investigate and resolve it.


Please read our Public Rules of Complaint Management (Public Rules of Complaint Management, effective until 26th December 2020Public Rules of Complaint Management, effective from 26th December 2020), what contains the most important information.

You can download or complaint handling form here.


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UniCredit set up an appropriate communication channel allowing the reporting of unacceptable conducts by any person with whom the Bank has a contractual relationship or by any other third parties who have a legitimate interest in remedying the reported conduct.

Unacceptable Conduct refers to any action or conduct that is

-       illegal, unfair or unethical;

-       a breach of laws and regulations affecting the activities of the Bank; or

-       a failure to comply with internal rules of the UniCredit Group and the Bank.

Employees, contracting partners or other third parties who have a reasonable suspicion of unacceptable conduct may report it direct to the Head of Compliance or in a dedicated mailbox ( The content of this mailbox is accessible only for Head of Compliance and persons authorised by Head of Compliance.

Please be informed that

·         employees, contracting partners or other third parties who have a legitimate interest in remedying the reported conduct can report any misconduct;

·         the Bank will treat the identity and personal data of the whistle-blower confidentially in all phases of the investigation and and ensures that the identity of the named reporter will be known only by Investigators;

·         a report must be made in good faith,  malicious whistleblowing may lead to disciplinary action;

·         when a report is made, the name and address of the Whistle-blower, in the case of a legal entity Whistle-blower, its head office and the name of its statutory representative must be provided. The Whistle-blowers must make a declaration that they make the report in good faith about circumstances known to them or about which they have reasonable grounds to assume that they are true;

·         the report shall not include any sensitive data (Section 3.3 of Act CXII of 2011 on the Right of Informational Self-Determination and on Freedom of Information);

·         the Bank may omit the investigation of a report that has the same content as a previous report, repeated by the same Whistle-blower, or made after six months of becoming aware of the activity or omission found prejudicial,  as well as a report made unanimously or by an unidentifiable person;

·         investigators shall treat confidentially any information on the content of the report or on persons affected by the report until a formal disciplinary action is initiated. Exchange of such information third parties is prohibited with an exception of information to the persons affected by the report;

·         an investigation should be closed as soon as possible, but in any event no later than 30 days of receipt of the report with the exception of anonymous reports or made by an unidentifiable person. In particularly special cases this period may be longer, but may not exceed 3 months;

·         the Bank informs the Whistle-blower about the result of the investigation. Persons to whom the reports relate shall also be informed of the allegations relating to them, unless this would adversely affect the investigation being carried out;

·         if the report is not substantiated or requires no further action, the whole report and all data therein are to be erased within 60 days of the closing of the investigation;

·         if any action is taken on the basis of a report including measures against the Whistle-blower due to legal proceedings or disciplinary action, the data may only be processed up to the legal and binding conclusion of the procedures launched on the basis of the report;

Handling of the client complaints regarding banking services is managed unchanged, all connected information is available with the menu option "Useful Information.

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