"Social innovation" - public service project


UniCredit Bank Hungary is committed to sustainable economic development and reducing social inequalities. This is why, together with the UniCredit Foundation, in 2014 we launched the Social Innovation project with a view to supporting organisations that aim to improve the economic situation of disadvantaged groups in a sustainable way. The professional contributor of the programme was NESst Hungary.


Foundations and non-profit organisations could submit their applications for a total of EUR 60,000. The adequate projects were those that helped private individuals or organisations in the introduction or improvement of sustainable activities, rather than providing them with financial support directly.


The winning projects were selected by a committee, and the winners were allowed to participate in the 2nd round of the project, in which UniCredit Bank employees voted for the projects they thought deserved further non-refundable support.


In 2014 the first prize was awarded to Habitat for Humanity Hungary, whose project aimed to help individuals living in extreme poverty create good housing conditions for themselves. Using the funds the Foundation established the Building Material Bank, which offered and donated second-hand building material to those in need at low cost. Owing to the project, in 4 towns the living conditions of a total of 44 families were improved with efforts including more than 3000 working hours.


In 2014 the second prize went to Munka-Kör Foundation, which helped people with serious hearing impairment to find a jobs. Through 120 training courses and 1300 consultation hours they were able to help 58 people with hearing impairment to find a job and significantly improve their living standard.


In 2014 the third prize was won by the Snétberger Foundation with an education programme that aimed to help disadvantaged Roma children. The programme offered high-quality training programmes and mentoring services to talented young adults. In the framework of the project 1080 classes were held and 16 students gained admittance to conservatoires and higher education institutions. In addition, 35 concerts were organised and 5 demo DVDs were also published.

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