Environmental consciousness


For UniCredit Group it is impostant to protect our environment both at national and international level. This is why we launched our Environmental Management System (EMS) that provides a framework for all related programmes and defines a system of processes for the affiliated firm of the Group. We operate a Green Office programme, which includes the use of recycled paper as well as constant efforts to reduce our water, power and paper consumption. We have collect waste selectively for years. We join the Earth Hour programme every year and turn off the lights and all electric equipments for an hour on the last Saturday of March. We seek to reduce our carbon footprint and use renewable energy to demonstrate our strong commitment.


We also lay emphasis on shaping our employees’ attitudes. We encourage the use of recycled paper and selective waste collection, and provide covered bicycle stands for those who bike to work. In addition, to become our supplier organisations must meet the principles of our environmental policy.


To demonstrate our strong commitment to the protection of the environment both national and international level, in June 2012 UniCredit was among the first 37 financial institutions that signed the Natural Capital Declaration, which is the official programme of the United Nation’s Conference of Sustainable Development Conference, also known as Rio+20.

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