Leave Your Mark program


In our arts program implemented in the years 2011 through 2016, we helped talented artists at the start of their careers with scholarships and by purchasing their paintings.


In the autumn of 2017 we launched the Leave Your Mark patronage program to showcase and help dedicated artistic talent, who may not be known to the wider public yet but are committed to delivering excellence in their field in a similar vein as UniCredit Bank.


The ambassadors communicating the program’s message were some well-known individuals whose work and personality is characterized by excellence: ballet dancer Enikő Somorjai, high-end watchmaker Áron Becsei and the creators of documentary series “On the Spot” Eszter Cseke and András S. Takács. Beyond our ambassadors, the message of Leave Your Mark was also transmitted to our clients and the wider public by the talented artists for whom votes were invited in Round One on the website korszakalkotok.unicreditbank.hu. These talented people, who have all achieved excellence in their own fields but are not yet known to the wider public, were nominated by a panel of twenty independent experts. From this list of around 100 candidates, another independent panel selected for the public vote 3 persons each in the categories Visual Arts, Music and World of Flavors. The panel comprised the three ambassadors and acknowledged experts in the specific categories: Tünde Topor, editor-in-chief of ART Magazin, Balázs Lévai director and music producer, and Balázs Csapody, the owner of award-winning Restaurant Kistücsök.


Round One of the Leave Your Mark patronage program and the Bank’s grant of HUF 3 million per person were won by pianist Dániel Villányi, animation director Éva Magyarósi and winemaker Bálint Losonci.

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