UniCredit Talent Programme


The UniCredit Group has been committed to supporting the culture and art of local communities for nearly a hundred years. In Hungary the predecessor of UniCredit Bank was the first among a number of companies, most of them banks, that picked up the tradition of institutional art collections in the late 90s.

By 2015, the fourth year of the UniCredit Talent Program that aim is to support arts has become a multifaceted arts initiative. The objective of the programme is to find the most talented young painters and support them in the framework of a 6-month scholarship programme. In addition, the Group buys some of their paintings, thus enriching our art collection and increasing the visibility of the arts of young talents.

Last time the competition for contemporary art supported four young talents by a half year scholarship and purchase of paintings, and a further nine young talented painters by a one-off purchase of their paintings. The support also included the organisation of an exhibition and the publication of a bilingual catalogue as well as its dissemination both in Hungary and, owing to the UniCredit Group, internationally as well.  The paintings are now in the fine art collection of the Bank, which represents real art historical value.

Every year the evaluation committee consists of prominent personalities of the field. In 2014 the members of the committee were Dr. Péter Balogh, Head of the Amadeus Artistic Fund; Zsolt Bodoni artist; Erika Deák art gallery owner; Krisztina Serfőző, CEO of FineArt Invest; Gábor Gulyás, government commissioner for the Hungarian exhibition at the Venice Biennale; and József Sipos, Founder of UniCredit’s Talent Program.

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